Alien Base

AbaseWelcome to the Alien Base!

This is the main Alien base/hive. All units are currently stationed here. Near the base is the landing site for the Motherships. It is in the region of Mars known as Utopia.
You can sign up to join the Aliens on the official RPG Joining Thread; just add a new post, following the steps outlined.

Location: Utopia Region (Mars)
Defenses: None
Status: All systems up and running
News: None
Stationed Units: Drones
Travel to: Breeding Pit | Store | Alien Player Census | Research Facility | Experiment Lab | Alien Mining Locations | Alien Sickbay | Commander's Quarters | Alien Bunker | Redsnapper39's Log

(Alien base area of the RPG data site here)

Alien Crystals: 0 © (Mine to get this total higher)

Select Roles below: There is currently no limit to the number of roles you can sign up for. You have to be accepted into the roles by the leaders of the faction though.
CategoryPositions TakenRequirementsPlayer(s)Description
Interplanetary Leader1/1Rank 12, Decent Strategy ScoreRedsnapper39Supreme leader of the Aliens
Vice Interplanetary Leader0/1Rank 11 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneSecond in command of the Alien forces
Ambassador0/4Rank 10 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneHelp Interplanetary Leader make decisions and act as diplomats to other nations
Planetary Leader0/2Rank 10 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneHas domain over the planet and fills in for the leaders
Economic Manager0/1Rank 9 or Higher, Decent Knowledge ScorenoneAn Alien that manages the economy, oversees the construction of miners and so on. If none the IPL fills in the role
Commander0/4Rank 9 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneAn Alien with the authority to command Deputy Commanders
Deputy Commander0/4Rank 8 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneAn Alien with the authority to command 2 Platoon Leaders
Platoon Leader0/8Rank 7 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneAn Alien with the authority to command Squad Leaders
Squad Leader0/16Rank 6 or Higher, Decent Strategy ScorenoneAn Alien with the authority to command Aliens under his or her rank
Battle-suit Drone0Rank 5 or Higher, Decent Skill ScorenoneDrone who is permitted to use a battle-suit that provides superior protection and strength
Special Ops Drone0Rank 4 or Higher, Decent Stealth ScorenoneVery experienced and resourceful super-soldier. Access to powerful equipment.
Drone0Rank 1 or HighernoneBasic Alien foot soldier with access to basic weaponry
Advanced Drone0Rank 2 or HighernoneStronger drone with more powerful weaponry
Heavy Drone0Rank 3 or Higher, Decent Attack ScorenoneAlien who uses heavy weapons to bring down tanks and aircraft
Sniper Drone0Rank 3 or Higher, Decent Attack ScorenoneSpecialist who uses powerful weaponry to take out single units
Drekken DroneN/ARank 5 or Higher, Decent Attack ScoreRequires Cybernetics technology and Cybernetics lab to be built before this role is available
Drone with cybernetic additions surgically attached to their bodies
Use more or less permanent powered armor that cannot easily be removed.
Saboteur0Rank 1 or HighernoneAlien who can repair vehicles and buildings. Also able to sabotage enemy buildings
Builder0Rank 3 or Higher, Decent Skill ScorenoneExperienced saboteur who helps construct buildings
Mechanical Specialist0/12Rank 5 or Higher, Decent Skill ScorenoneAlien who can repair vehicles and buildings. Can also command saboteurs and construct buildings
Miner0Rank 1 or HighernoneMines for crystals with pickaxe and shovel
Digger0Rank 3 or Higher, Decent Skill ScorenoneUses heavy equipment to mine for crystals
Mining Specialist0/12Rank 5 or Higher, Decent Skill ScorenoneUses heavy equipment to mine for crystals. Organizes and leads groups of miners
Basic Pilot0Rank 1 or HighernoneBasic air combat pilot. Access to smaller aircraft
Strike Pilot0Rank 2 or HighernonePilot with more capability, permitted to fly solo missions
Storm Pilot0Rank 4 or Higher, Decent Accuracy ScorenoneSkillful pilot with the ability to fly larger craft. Access to most aircraft
Dark Pilot0Rank 4 or Higher, Decent Stealth ScorenoneStealth flyer. Deals blows to enemy targets quickly and quietly
Alpha Pilot0/4Rank 7 or Higher, Decent Accuracy ScorenoneCommands other pilots. Very skilled and accurate
Technology and Research
Researcher0Rank 1 or HighernoneAlien who studies and develops technology
Lab Assistant0Rank 2 or HighernoneHelps build and develop technology and inventions
Scientist0Rank 4 or Higher, Decent Knowledge ScorenoneResearches and invents. Can instruct Lab Assistants
Technocrat (Lead Scientist)0/4Rank 7 or Higher, Decent Knowledge Score[Redsnapper39 if no one is up for this]Very knowledgeable. Heads of science and technology programs
Spy0Rank 1 or HighernoneReports on enemy movements and strategies
Chaos/Distraction Unit0Rank 1 or HighernoneCause panic and destruction behind enemy lines and acts as a distraction to the enemy
Data Thief0Rank 3 or Higher, Decent Stealth ScorenoneSteals enemy technology and information
Super Spy0Rank 5 or Higher, Decent Stealth ScorenoneSpy outfitted with recon battle-suits
Recon Specialist0/8Rank 7 or Higher, Decent Stealth ScorenoneLeads recon missions, commands other spies

Rank Description Requirements Pay
0 Dishonored; access to shovel Good behavior to rank back up Shame
1 Recruit; access to a basic Sidearm (or Pistol) 15 skill points**, good behavior 50 ©
2 2nd Basic; access to basic weapons and unarmed vehicles 20 skill points, 1 role specific post 60 ©
3 1st Basic; access to better armor and armed vehicles 25 skill points, hand in one victory 75 ©
4 Corporal; access to strong weapons and most vehicles 30 skill points, 2 major contributions 100 ©
5 Sergeant; access to all advanced and prototype weapons 40 skill points, reports twice a week 150 ©
6 Staff Sergeant; access to some W.M.D; minimal hidden areas 50 skill points, promotion by Rank 8 200 ©
7 Captain; Access to all W.M.D; moderate access to hidden areas 65 skill points, promotion by Rank 9 250 ©
8 Deputy Commander; access to most hidden areas 80 skill points, promotion by Rank 10 300 ©
9 Commander; access to all hidden areas 100 skill points, promotion by Rank 11 350 ©
10* Council; can promote, demote, and recruit players 120 skill points, promotion by Rank 12
11* Planetary Leader; access to mass quantities of troops and units 140 skill points, voted to P.L. role
12* Interplanetary Leader; supreme leader of the Aliens 160 skill points, voted to I.L. role
NIA Player who has decided to leave the RPG permanently None
* means player must be highly active and can use government money
**new recruits are automatically given 15 skill points to put where they choose

=--_+Rank List+_--=
[Player - Rank ] {Activity / Role}
--- --- - -- --- -- - --- ---
Player - Rank {Activity}
=--_#The N.I.A.#_--=
[Commander7 - Rank XV] {KIA by a LUC 12/26/2398 / IPL}
[ETXAlienRobot201 - Rank X] {Resigned on 4/13/14 / PL}
(In order to rank up you must train)
(You start as rank 1)
(Treason against your side sets you to Rank 0)
*NOTE: Those who do not have Jobs chosen within the first week of enlisting will be deleted from the list until a second application has been sent. (Except those who have not chosen jobs after a reset, you keep your everything)

Alien Energy

This section of the Astro Base describes the energy needs of all Astro Locations on Mars.

Energy Production
Base Energy30

Difference+4 (Surplus)