Red's Fanfic

I have 4 fanfics at the moment.
Phobian Legacy is a non-narrative timeline of the ancient-to-modern history of the Aliens/Phobians. I consider it complete, however it is prone to being changed at a random point in time as I see fit.
The World's Easiest Job is a story that precedes the events of MMRPG2, and is only canon in an alternate universe, it is currently incomplete but that will not always be the case.
Redline is the chronicle of Redsnapper which follows with the Q1-2 2014 RPG with some ties to the one before it. It is not complete, further writing has been discontinued for now.
Project "Something" is a story told in the form of Alien Logs about the Aliens' secret Project Something. I'll update it now and then but I'm being slow about it because it could ruin RPG spoilers.

Phobian Legacy- Done
The World's Easiest Job- Incomplete
Redline- Discontinued
Project "Something"- Still warming up