Lego Mars Mission RPG

Welcome to the MMWRPG!

RPG Insignia

The MMWRPG is a text based role-playing game played right here on this site.

Right now, the RPG is still being set up with new features. Check back often to see when it is ready.

The basic idea of the RPG is playing out the story of the Astro-Alien conflict on Mars.
Both sides seek the domination (perhaps even the ultimate destruction) of their opponent.

Which side will you join?




The Final Stretch
The Reset is very nearly complete! AstroM13 and rennatnave101 are both working hard to finalize changes to the RPG (including the update of this page!). When this is done, there will still be work to do: mirroring the Alien Base with the Astro Base, updating documentation, picking a GM (Game Moderator), and a hundred other things we can't think of right now. But the point is, we are on our way. If you'd like to help or just see what's new, see The Final RPG Restart Campaign Thread.

The RPG is in Restart Mode
Due to problems of imbalance, the RPG was closed for repairs. It will take an immense amount of time. See the RPG Restart 3.0 thread and post your suggestions there.