Energy Crystals

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Energy CrystalEnergy crystals are a powerful energy source that grow on Mars. It is believed that they have roots, and grow back after being harvested. It is also held that their energy comes from the unique atmospheric conditions of Mars mixing with the plants chemical composition. Their power can not be expressed in units due to the fact that their energy is foreign and unpredictable, but high voltage exposure releases their energy safely and efficiently, and they can work in a way similar to that of a battery (hence their placement on vehicles). The whole plot of the Mars Mission story revolves around the Astros and Aliens fighting for control of these precious crystals.
Animated Crystal ExtractorAnimated Energy GeneratorThe Aliens use the crystals that they mine for Capita Energy (energy for staying alive) as well as for powering vehicles and buildings. They extract the crystals with a unit called the Crystal Extractor. To release the energy from the crystals, they use a high-voltage generator.
Animated Crystal Miner
Animated Power PlantThe Astros seek the energy crystals as a way to bring energy to Earth. They use some of the crystals they mine for their units and buildings as well. To harvest them, they use various drilling machines, and to release their energy, they use a high-voltage power plant.
Everyone knows the iconic yellow-green color of the energy crystals, however there are other types. Little is know about them, and their characteristics vary greatly from one to the next. There was a rumor that there were blue energy crystals provide a extremely high amount of energy but were very rare.
You can make a lot of energy crystals for use as props quickly and easily. Just see our Energy Crystal Recipe.