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Welcome to the Mars Mission Wiki!

A fan website for the 2007-09 LEGO Mars Mission Theme
MMW Insignia B&WWelcome to the Mars Mission Wiki! A fan website for the retired LEGO space theme: Mars Mission. The Mars Mission theme was introduced in 2007, the first LEGO space theme since Life On Mars ended in 2002. Mars Mission was a fan-favorite, with boldly colored sets, a great story, and engaging internet content that captured the theme's adventurous spirit.

This site is a community of fans who loved that theme. Beyond compiling lots of information about the theme, this community shares MOCs, videos, fan fictions, and games all inspired by Mars Mission. In addition, this site provides a link to the Redux Project, an update of the wildly popular CrystAlien Conflict RTS game from the original Mars Mission website. This site also tracks the progress of CAMM (released), a program that lets you build your own maps for CrystAlien Conflict!

If you love Mars Mission, please consider joining our site! We'd love to meet you and have you as a part of our community! Enjoy your visit!

We have a community Discord server!
The server has channels for general discussion of Mars Mission,
CrystAlien Conflict, CrystAlien Redux project, a channel for sharing CAMM levels, and more.
Use the widget below to get an invite to the server:

Note: If you requested a Discord invite in a private message and haven't received a reply,
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Set PagesDedicated pages for each set including images, information, animations, reviews, and more!
Community ForumA place to discuss all things Mars Mission with a community of dedicated fans.
CrystAlien ConflictThe original CrystAlien Conflict RTS game that you remember from childhood!
Asset Files and DownloadsFiles from the old website including the martian font and the Mars Mission theme song.
Member ProjectsProjects, games, and creations made by our members over the years.
Fan FictionsStories that expand the Mars Mission theme.
Mars Mission RPGA role-playing game based on the Mars Mission theme.


As of 5/10/2020, we have 495 registered members on our site!
Learn About Joining - Browse the Members List - MMW Staff

Get to know our staff:
leveleditor6680 leveleditor6680 - Administrator
A senior member with a lot of programming experience.
The leader of the CrystAlien Redux project.
ETXAlienRobot201 ETXAlienrobot201 - Moderator
A 7-year member. Organizational genius and multimedia wizard.
Mr.Galaxy Mr.Galaxy - Moderator
A 8-year member. RPG leader and grammar enthusiast.
DracoSupremeDracoSupreme - Moderator
A 7-year member. RPG leader and serious gamer.
rennatnave101rennatnave101 - Moderator
A 7-year member. Page editor and graphic designer.
Galactic_PineappleGalactic_Pineapple - Marketing / Social Media Director
A fairly recent member, skilled with game and graphic design.
TheLegend27TheLegend27 - Content Producer
A newer member who has already created some fan fictions and comics. 3D modeler and graphic designer.

Fastpaw - Original creator of the site
Has since stepped down from an administrative position, citing inactivity and no longer having interest in Mars Mission. We are very grateful to Fastpaw for creating this site which we have been able to build upon!

The Mars Mission Wiki (MMW) was created in late May 2008 by Fastpaw as a Wiki for fans of the LEGO theme Mars Mission.
When LEGO discontinued the Mars Mission theme, the purpose of this site changed: to bring back Mars Mission.
For more on our history, go to the About the MMW page.


Bring Back Mars Mission
872Mars Mission Needs You!

To people from the Lego Company who might visit this page:
The Lego Mars Mission fans have not completely gone away!
There are still people who would buy the sets if they would come back!
LEGO Mars Mission was a great line of Lego bricks and now it is out of production. The only sets that remain are soon going to be gone.
The fans of LEGO Mars Mission are still here.
The fans of LEGO Mars Mission want more.
And if its all about money, then what's a better reason to bring back LEGO Mars Mission then all the money that would be brought in from the sales of these awesome sets.
Hero Factory is good, Power Miners are good, but none of them will ever be the same as LEGO Mars Mission.

Post on this thread if you wish to be added to the petition (you should have an account if you wish to be added).

People in the petition to bring back LEGO Mars Mission:

Fastpaw, shmelanefu, ykram, orinu, matzoman4, caspar347, Noob-Zilla, CarverKids, powermissionlego, Mr. Galaxy, legollx, Flanthony, nerd110, 91pancakes, julyjacksonag, TFdude15, MondernLegoPro, DrunkenDriverStudios, CuevaKid, marsmissionpilot, leveleditor6680, ETXAlienRobot201, rennatnave101, beginnereditor, commando444, Comander7, Joey4026, marsmissionfreak, DracoSupreme, JusticeRay, clawtankfan, ETXWarrior, AstroPhys, WOLKsite, Hazlog, Marscommander, The_Leopard065, Rollingbarrel, superboyC, james8470, Shadowone9999, Redsnapper39, SlingshotFox, silvermarsdropship, Commandosaur, jetpack_explorer9050, Galactic_Pineapple, MM_of_hrrr, whatthe4355, Cman1O1Dalek, Alee298, AstroM13, Nickster563, Shadow, salman12345, Coolsamo123, dannydplays, Ivan_marsisawesome, Robo-CoonMx16, The-Orange-One, epiknis, SirEnderWigginn, CrystalReaper321, manster98, Minish_Lord, Captain_Johnathan, stonehenge771, TheLegend27, Messier_81, pocketninja, The_Doctor!, Ninjafossil, Marqcrewtx, NinjaDogDB, Hossenfeffer377, kackyboy200, Xemrige, CACandLMMFan, Masman8675, MarsMissionMarine, Red_Rax, JKinch, Landlighter,

Running Total: 84
~Thanks to everyone who has added themselves to the petition.~

The Mars Mission Wiki has an interesting community dynamic. Sometimes the site is super active, with project updates,
discussions, and page-edits. Other times it is very quiet for days on end. However, moderators and
administrators are always checking in and making sure everything is running as it should. Our community is
comprised of programmers, graphic designers, editors, gamers, and more. Mars Mission is what we all have in common,
and this site is a place for us to share our creativity and work with each other. Member projects are the reason this site
hasn't fossilized. They are the lifeblood of our web presence.

If you get a chance, check them out on the Member Projects page.
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