Rise of Mr. Galaxy

This is the story of how Mr. Galaxy became the Mission Commander...

TIME: Right after Crystalien conflict, Battle of Olympus Mons and Spec Ops missions are completed.
I dont know the year system, somebody must tell me what year it is.
LOCATION: Earth mostly, Mars.

A little overview of chapters, locations etc.


==================================# CHAPTER NAME #===================================

Scene changes, characters, time....

--------------------------------------------------------------< TIME >-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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==================================[ CHARACTER ]======================================

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===================RISE OF MR GALAXY==================

==================================# PROLOGUE #=======================================

----------------------------< 2:00 PM, somewhat after end of Battle of Olympus Mons >----------------------------------------
---------------------------------------< EAGLE COMMAND BASE, MARS >-------------------------------------------------------------
==================================[ MISSION COMMANDER ]==============================

=Personal Log:
At last the battle with the Aliens has ended. It has been long and has cost us much, but we have won for now. My Special Operations have returned, they were successful in infiltrating the Hive and assassinating the Alien Commander. We shall have peace. For now. For they will come again. But I am just a miner, an explorer, not a trained military officer. Nobody here is. We need to finish this once and for all. But not I. I am stepping off for a new Commander of this Mission. For this is not the Mission I originally signed up to, this is war. Our miners are grabbing and loading the last crystals right now, then I shall return to Earth with the crystals. Earth is saved now, the energy crisis should be solved now. My Mission is complete, it is time for to start anew. Hopefully the new Commander will stop this war and get peace. For some reason I doubt it will happen... I doubt he will get rid of these aliens too.

=End of Log=

--------------------------------------------------------------< EARTH >----------------------------------------------------------------------------
===================[ INTERNATIONAL UN NEWS, VARIOUS EXTRACTS ]========================

The Mars Mission concludes
The American Mars mission has now concluded upon the return of the astronauts to Earth.
The discovered "Energy Crystals" (Page 10) have resulted in high energy readings sufficient to sustain electricity needs and stabilize the energy crisis. However, USA has claimed the crystals and are charging high prices for their usage. Resulting conflicts have escalated as nations claim Mars as "belonging to all and none of the Nations of Earth".
The UN is searching for a diplomatic solution.

UN criticizes USA for their actions on the red planet
The actions of USA on Mars, which lead to direct conflicts between the discovered extraterrestrials and the USA astronauts (The Astros, page 12), has been highly criticized by the UN, claiming a heavier approach to diplomatic solutions should have been taken rather than actually declaring war. The Astro commander has been taken in for interrogation and analyzing the situation that transpired on the red planet.
Meanwhile, the location and further actions of the Aliens is completely unknown.

USA declares a new Mission to the red planet
This Mission has been revealed of a military nature and attempts to extinguish the Aliens have been found. The UN is negotiating a more peaceful approach. Various nations are competing building their own rockets.

UN takeover
The UN has decided to take over the Mars Mission and favor a more peaceful approach, at the same time securing crystals for international use.

UN launch successful
The UN expedition has reached Mars, beating other expeditions. The first results are anxiously awaited.

UN expedition failure
The UN astronauts have encountered and secured Crystals. Alien sightings have been reported, but no contact was established. The UN expedition is now missing in action. All contact was lost at twelve o'clock. Other expeditions have found the UN site, a scorched battlefield. Various have reported Alien attacks. The expeditions have survived because of illegal military equipment, but imminent failure is present. All expeditions have been ordered to retreat.

USA battle-ready
The USA has put up the previous mission tech and new improvements. The UN has accepted a military approach, as long as it is to be commanded by Matzoman IV, a candidate picked especially by the UN.

New tactics effective
The USA war tactics have proven effective and various victories have been celebrated. The Aliens seem to have a new Commander, only known as Alienguy by the Astros.

Commanders dead
Matzoman IV has been killed in action, the Americans sadly inform. He was killed with an electric weapon, says the report. It has been a success to put a toxin in some lava, killing the Alien Commander says the newest information from Mars. How or why is unknown.

Reinforcements being prepared
In response USA is preparing new tech and reinforcements for Mars. A commander has yet to be chosen.

===================================# MR. GALAXY #=====================================

--------------------------------------------------------------< JULY 22 >---------------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------< EARTH BASE, SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA >-----------------------------------------------
==================================[ MR. GALAXY ]=======================================

Mr. Galaxy: Is the Strike Force ready?
Galaxian Faction Brigadier Thomas: Yes Sir. The Astro Fighters are ready for deployment. We have managed to secure enough Crystals for them and some Trikes. All troops are armed with the new Multipurpose rifles. We have failed to get EM pulse cannon support however.
Mr. Galaxy: Only to be expected. Those UN will never approve their usage. We will have to deal with them.
Thomas: But Sir...!
Mr. Galaxy: No Thomas. In war everything is permitted. If they oppose much resistance, we will have to remove them.
Thomas: Yes Sir...
Mr. Galaxy: Now, are those pesky Russians sleeping? Can we strike them down?
Thomas: I would believe so... No reports contradict you Sir.
Mr. Galaxy: Then go and tell the force to attack.
Thomas: Yessir.
(*Thomas has left the room)
(*Mr. Galaxy watches various monitors as the Strike Force departs to attack the Russian faction base)
(Thoughts) Why did it have to come to this? Why couldn't they just leave peacefully and let me be Commander? But they will regret. They will all regret. My raid was successful. We now have both the weapons of the Mars Mission and the legendary crystals to power them. So much for those little crystals really... Bah. My forces will be trained and hardened Veterans by the time we get to Mars. The Aliens had better watch their back. And their faces. From Mars or not, they will...
(Thoughts interrupted by a Hardened Veteran from the Mars Missions, who claims to have driven Dropships in many dangerous situations such as gaining control of an Experiment Lab or fetching crashed crew deep in enemy territory.)

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