Phobian Legacy (as told by Red)

Note: other Phobians may not agree that this is canon. This is my own interpretation of the history of the aliens/phobians.
Note about the times: This is measured in Mars years, which 2 Earth years, PE stands for Phobian Exodus.

-??? PE
Long before any of today's living races were around, the semi-young universe was populated by massive creatures known as the Titans. They came in many different species. Some were only 100 meters large, others were larger than entire planets and even stars. They fought each other with OP powers that shaped the universe to its current state. At some point, one of these battles put one giant planet into nuclear fallout, and also destroyed its star, which caused it to break up into smaller planets. One of these became Phobon...
Eventually, natural selection was in favor of the smaller, more intelligent titans, and they evolved to smaller and smaller sizes, until the age of titans ended.

At least -50,000,000 PE
The alien's ancient civilizations were bustling paradises on our old home world of Phobon. There was little technology, but we knew how to use monolith dimensional doors. Aliens could eat food, but they mostly got their nutrition from radioactivity. Technomancers, beings who use some form of magical technology, roamed the planet, but their population decreased and many went into hiding.

-50 PE
Phobians one day found out how to go to other planets with dimensional doors. But few sparked our interest, these included Celestial and Mars... the latter because the radiation from the sun provided all the "food" we needed, since mars has no magnetic field.
0 PE
An unclear amount of time later, Phobon was invaded by Vissers (Phobian for "lightning gods"). They launched 3 invasions. The first two did not succeed (presumed to either be Phobian victories or stalemates), the third one however was Phobon's reckoning. Deaths were said to be in the millions. 9 "Colonies" split up in exodus to other planets via dimensional door. However, only colonies 6, 7, 8, and 9 survived very long.
0 to 6000 PE
Colony 7 called Mars, the planet of war, its home. Mars's technology became very advanced, learning how to use crystals for clean energy. They met the DRKOS species native to Mars, and the rather obsessed Alien Conquest Race. The Marien culture involved mostly rural life with some large cities, and lots of militarism to prepare for the return of the Vissers. A short dark age happened in which the past was forgotten. Some temples were abandoned, and the stories of technomancy, Phobon, and Vissers, were only remembered in the ancient martian religion.
6000 PE
Colony 9 met its demise when caught in a Nuclear War. There were no ruins of war, just a crater and some ash.

6042 PE
Two alien brothers went for different destinies. Quafillha became the king and military leader of the Martians. His brother Abocznab led the first multiversal expedition through a natural wormhole that was discovered somewhere near Saturn's orbit. Abocznab became leader of a barren planet that the exploration team founded into a nation. This was known as the greatest colonization undertaking in the entire universe. Sadly there is little contact with them anymore, since the wormhole has exhausted out to nothing.

6090 PE
Redsnapper got amnesia around this time in an incident involving experimental medicine. There was also a Martian known as ETXAR who transcended beyond the technology of the day and created Colony 9X. How this was done, and where exactly 9X is, is unknown.
6097 PE
The spread of criminals in Marsbar City led to the formation of the Shadow Mafia, with access to military grade equipment, this group became a force to be reckoned with. However, Redsnapper, using the portion of the army that he led, successfully trapped the Shadow Mafia's men and forced them to surrender. The ones that weren't KIA were either imprisoned or released as normal citizens. Some of them "disappeared" though...

6102 PE
Astronauts from the European Union sent a mission to mars. They encounterd and befriended the pacifistic DRKOS, but never found the Phobians. This mission eventually returns to Earth.

6108 PE
DracoSupreme was voted the new leader of Mars. He appointed Redsnapper as his vice and ETXAR received an honorary 3ic role, since he was all the way in 9X.
The Astros from a newly united pangeic Earth nation send another mission to Mars, this time in search of a source of energy, which were the crystals of Mars. They met the Aliens and there was pressure, and war almost broke out, but didn't thanks to Draco's negotiating skills. The Astros were allowed to claim certain sectors of Mars for colonization and mining. Neither parties trusted each other.