Mars Mission Characters

ACAccepted Canon


Minifig No: mm012Mission Commander
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Cheek Lines

Minifig No: mm001Alien Drone
Mars Mission Alien with Marbled Glow In Dark Torso
The Mission Commander has been on more trips to space than anyone else on the Mars Mission team. An experienced astronaut, he's dealt with every kind of crisis you can imagine... but he's never encountered anything like these mysterious beings before!
A dime a dozen, these Phobian soldiers use laserstaffs to try to keep the Astros away from the crystals they found on Mars after fleeing their homeworld. They will sacrifice their lives for their commander.

Minifig No: mm003Astro Pilot
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Messy Hair and Stubble

Minifig No: mm010Alien Commander
Mars Mission Alien Commander
The hot-shot Astro Pilot has flown every jet, rocket, and planetary cruiser you can name, and then some. He can pinpoint a target from five miles away, land his Astro Fighter on eight square feet of bare sand, and dodge every rock in a meteor swarm without breaking a sweat.
Also known as The Most Ancient One, the Alien commander is a Phobian general who led the Aliens to their new home on Mars. He is larger, faster, stronger, and more experienced than any Drone, and armed with an incredible laserstaff that can decimate Astro emplacements.

Minifig No: mm007Claw-Tank Driver
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Orange Sunglasses on Forehead, Stubble

The MT-51 Claw Tank is a complicated piece of heavy machinery, and the Claw-Tank Driver is just the guy to drive it. He's an expert in robotics, engineering, and field maintenance, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty repairing a damaged vehicle.

Minifig No: mm004Dropship Pilot
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Sunglasses, Smirk, and Headset

Cool, calm, and collected, the Dropship Pilot is level-headed and reliable where the Astro-Pilot is reckless and risk-taking. You can always count on him to drop off important cargo at the right time on the right spot, or haul you out of trouble in an emergency situation.

Minifig No: mm015Astro Trooper
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Stubble Beard

After the Aliens were discovered, hundreds of Troopers from Earth signed up to come out and fight them on Mars. These soldiers want to defend one of Earth's best energy sources, but also have a thirst for a little action.

Minifig No: mm008Gunner
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Red-Brown Hair over Eye and Stubble

The youngest and least experienced member of the Mars Mission team, the Gunner is always cheerful and good-natured, even in the face of greatest danger. He's a natural at weapons systems of all kinds, which really comes in handy on this dangerous planet.

Minifig No: mm009Miner
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Angry Black Eyebrows and Messy Hair

Rough, tough and always ready for a fight, the hard-working Miner has a real chip on his shoulder towards anyone or anything that tries to steal his crystals, which has landed him into trouble more than once.

Minifig No: mm002Trike Driver
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Balaclava

The MT-31 Trike Driver is a born survivor. He's trained in conditions from sub-arctic cold to blazing lava fields, and he's ready to take on the most hostile environments the planet Mars can throw at him.

Minifig No: mm011Digger
Mars Mission Astronaut with Helmet and Dual Sided Face

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