Member Project Guidelines

MMW Site Policy - section Missingno. : Project Guidelines
passed into site policy by reason of default 8/13/15

These rules apply to projects hosted and supported by this website.

A. Member projects must comply with all rules already outlined in regards to profanity and mature content.
B. Member projects are subject to deletion from this site at any time should a copyright or content dispute arise.
C. Programming and game-related projects cannot contain malicious code or they WILL be deleted and the author punished.
D. Projects can be classified as either "public" or "private" (see Project Types section for more information).
E. You cannot host commercial projects on our site, however you may monetize the downloads via services like, so long as users do not have to sign-up or pay for a service to download the files.
F. Commercial projects are defined as projects from which the owner will make any profit. See Commercial Projects for more information.
G. All projects, if hosted here, must quite majorly involve LEGO Mars Mission. Seeing as this is the LEGO mars Mission fan wiki, it's only fair member projects have a significant portion occupied by Mars Mission. In other words, a Super Smash bros-like game where the Alien Commander, an Alien, an Astro, and the Astro Commander are characters is not ok. On the other hand, a Pokemon rom-hack with all of the maps, players, and pokemon re-skinned to look like characters, vehicles, or locations in the Mars Mission universe/story is ok.(even better if all the story and events are re-written to suit the theme as well) There are two rough percentage thresholds, depending on the involvement of lego. Projects dominantly lego-based can get away with a minimum of 25% Mars Mission, only for the fact that LEGO sets and characters are the main aspect of the project. All other projects must be at minimum, 40% mars Mission. Projects that fall below these limits can still be linked to, but they must not be hosted here. A specific page/thread for linking to these projects will be created in the near future!

A. Public projects can be community owned or lead by an individual. Public projects can be edited/contributed to by any member who is in good standing to do so, but owners are allowed to be selective with their contributors.
B. Public projects lead by an individual can be acquired by any member should the "owner" become inactive, and failure of the owner to reply to requests for ownership within one week permits the new owner to take over the project.
C. Public projects without a specific owner can only be taken "ownership" of by the popular consent of the contributors.
D. Private projects are not open to all members, but the owner may grant specific members rights to contribute.
E. Under no circumstances may a private project be taken over without the direct consent of the owner.
F. By default, new member projects are Public, but owned by the member who created them.
G. Owners may change the type of their owned projects at any time, but contributors may appeal to the site moderators if the change is abusive.
H. Alternatively, licenses can be used, in which case permissions are restricted to what the specific license allows.

A. First and foremost, project owners may allow or deny the commercial use of their project.
B. Commercial Projects are allowed on this site, however, only to a limited degree. Owners and contributors may accept donations of any real (physical or representing physical) currency, so long as two conditions are met: The first condition is that donating is not mandatory. The second condition is that donations are not incentivized. (Unfortunately, that means Patreon and Kickstarter are strictly prohibited due to the fact they primarily operate based on incentives)
C. In-App Purchases (otherwise known as IAP), Premium Content (like HD graphics) and Paid DLC are also forbidden. There is one exception to this rule: The currency used to purchase these features MUST not be able to convert or exchange for any real currency, and it must be freely obtainable, thus restricting it to the game/platform it's hosted on.
D. Projects violating the guidelines in regards to commercial or paid content will be punished accordingly, and may range from warnings and temporary locks to blacklists, deletions, and if necessary, legal actions.

A. Informational pages about projects can be made under the Member Projects page. The hosting of files related to projects, other than common media files, may require third-party sources.
B. The WikiFoundry Attachment size limit is 2MB. Any file smaller than 2MB can be attached to a page on this site, although there is a limit of 40 attachments per wiki. As this wiki is nearing its limit, if you plan to host a lot of files, it is possible to create a new wiki for a fresh set of 40 uploads, or ask around if there are free spots on the various member-owned wikis.
C. If your project uses images, you can upload them to our site gallery. If that is not an option, use a service such as Flickr, DeviantArt, or refer to option F.
D. If your project uses video, you can upload the video to YouTube, and then using our site video gallery, find that video and add it to our gallery. Otherwise, refer to option F.
E. Audio projects can use SoundCloud or YouTube for hosting. Otherwise, refer to option F.
F. If necessary, you can host project files on other sites. We recommend sites like GitHub, BrickSafe, BrickShelf, Google Drive.
G. You are discouraged from using services like Mediafinder, which try to install adware and other garbage on the user's machine, as well as a downloader.exe files to download content.
H. Informational pages about projects related to the theme of this site may be made, and links to the site (not the download link itself) may be added to such informational pages.
I. Linked projects must follow all rules contained within this document except those relating to the commercial aspects of projects.

A. A project may be flagged as inactive by a moderator if no progress or activity has been made for six months, or because the owner declares this themselves.
B. When six months since the last known update have passed, an attempt to contact the owner and known affiliates will be made.
C. If no reply is received within a week by the sending party, the project will be flagged as inactive, moved to the Inactive Projects section, and locked.
D. An inactive project may be unlocked at any time by request of the owner or known affiliates, or if a new owner takes over. However, this does not apply if the project is cloned instead.


A. Public projects with owners are subject to potential take overs or duplications.
B. Take overs generally occur with the consent of the owner, but if an owner of a public project fails to reply to an inactivity or ownership request message in a weeks time, the project will be open for take over or duplication.
C. A take over is when a new owner takes control of a project, either working on it or deciding its future.
D. A duplicate is when a member uses the idea or work of an inactive project and either develops it further or takes it in a new direction. Duplicates do not effect the original project.
E. Should the former owner of a public project return and find their project taken over, they may opt to have their projects restored to their previous state.
F. While original owners of public projects can revert their projects, they may not take down duplicates unless they appeal to the site moderators (in which case, the moderators will decide who has the right to the work).
G. Owner-permitted take overs are defined as any take over where the previous owner agrees to transfer ownership of the project to either the MMW staff or another member.
H. In the case of owner-permitted take overs, all transactions are final (this is the case for all project types).
I. Owner-permitted take overs will be handled by the current project owner. They must be the one to update the project information, detailing who is the new owner, when the transaction took place, and any other conditions.


A. Falsification of information by anyone will result in immediate administrative actions. This is especially true of trying to circumvent the guidelines for commercial projects, or project take overs.
B. Projects not adhering to the rules and guidelines contained within this document are subject to immediate deletion without warning.
C. Members who continually break the rules contained within this document will be subject to temporary banishment, or if necessary, permanent bans.
D. Similar punishments may be applied to staff members that choose to abuse their powers, act arbitrarily, or accept bribes.