Martian Chase Cheats

Martian Chase Cheats!
This page has every ridiculous and useful cheat there is for Martian Chase!
Table of Contents:
1. Gameplay Cheats
2.Character Cheats
3. Environment Cheats
4. Other Information
1. Gameplay Cheats:
crystal → 999 crystals
laugh → alien laugh when you trip
duck → all crystals in game turn into ducks
2. Character Cheats:
afro → gives your character a HUGE afro
tutu → gives your character a tutu
3. Environment Cheats:
pink → pink planet
midnight → dark planet
mouth → in an alien mouth
4. Other Information:
  • To enter a code, go to the menu and click anywhere but the links. Then, type the code.
  • All codes except for "crystals" can be turned off by re-entering them.
  • You can also mix and match codes.