Mars Mission: Dawn of the Vissers! (10th Anniversary Special)

Mars Mission:
Dawn of the Vissers!
10th anniversary special revised by: TheLegend27
Original story and characters by: Beginnereditor
Original story can be found here.

matzoman4= Second in Command
leveleditor6680=Chief Engineer
Beginnereditor= Assistant Engineer
Cocoso2000_alien=Utility's man

Chapter 1 An Unexpected Mission

It all began at the space central control tower,
“Good morning sir.” A desk sergeant said cheerfully, working at a counter.
Fastpaw, captain of the Mars Mission crew made a grin, showing his perfect teeth, “Good morning.”
“The general has an assignment for you today.” The desk sergeant handed Captain Fastpaw an envelope. Becoming anxious, Fastpaw quickly opened it, and found a letter:


A strange phenomenon has disabled the city of Washington D.C., and a power outage is spreading through the states quite swiftly. The crystals found on Mars at the last expedition have slowed down the giant, growing, power outage but it’s not enough... as one of our most experienced captains I would like for you to go back to Mars and find a new source of power.


General Gardern.

Captain Fastpaw placed the note carefully on the counter. He had joined the Space Command on May 28, 2008, and has been serving them for over 9 years. Little did he know that this trip would forever change his life.
“Would you like to meet your crew sir?” Asked the desk sergeant, interrupting Fastpaw’s thoughts.

Fastpaw straightened up, and nodded his head, “Sure.”

They got up and walked into the next room, where 6 figures were waiting for them.

“Captain,” the desk sergeant began, “I would like you to meet 1st officer Matzoman, Chief EngineerLeveleditor, his assistant Lieutenant Beginnereditor, Pilot Mr. Galaxy, Co-Pilot Mr.Brickkid and last but certainly not least, Resnapper39 our deck officer.

They all shook hands and got to know each other.

“Ok” said the desk sergeant, “You’re all supposed to report to the landing dock”

Now about a week after they met, the captain and the pilot began to commence landing procedures.

“Stage one complete sir, the left and right thrusters have slowed down to speed level 1” the pilot remarked.

“Good.” Replied the captain, “Commence stage 2”

“Aye, aye, captain.” The pilot said.

Down at the lower level of the rocket, Engineer Leveleditor6680 was busy working on his new project, when unexpectedly, Beginnereditor came in.

“What’s that?” Beginnereditor curiously asked, pointing at Leveleditor6680’s project.

“It’s my new invention! the M.M.M.M.” the engineer said, sighing.

Beginnereditor tilted his head in confusion, “What does it do?”

“Well it allows us to see our men on the ground in a 3.D. form, like a videogame. It also allows us to give commands.” Leveleditor6680 said happily, “but… it’s not finished yet,”

“Oh good… Well, the captain said that should get this escape pod ship in shape” said Beginnereditor.

“Alright… Get me that fuel container please.” Leveleditor6680 said, pointing to a nearby canister of rocket fuel.

“Very well sir.” Beginnereditor answered, making his way towards the container.

The two astronauts climbed into the escape pod, getting to work.

Back at the control deck, second in command matzoman4 came on board.

“What’s up?” matzoman4 said.

“Commencing landing procedure step 3” Captain Fastpaw replied.

“Oh Excellent!” matzoman4 commented, unpacking his stuff.

“Sir!” Mr. Galaxy rushed over to Fastpaw, breathing heavily.

Fastpaw left his seat, “What is it?”

“We’re being fired upon!” Mr. Galaxy exclaimed, still panting.


“Where’s the damage at?” Fastpaw shouted, trying to overcome the lurid noise outside.

“Just at the hull sir.” replied Mr. Galaxy, “And sir in the middle of the chaos one of our escape pods got ejected. It seems, two living men are aboard it, and will soon be landing on Mars!”

Meanwhile, on board the escape pod,

“Do you mind? get off me” Leveleditor muffled, being smashed by Beginner.

“Oh, sorry.” Beginereditor instantly stood up, “I think this pod is supposed to be for one person. Hehe.”

“Beginnereditor brace for impact!” Leveleditor grabbed unto some Mars Bars.


Meanwhile, on board the USS MMW a search was being started,

“Sorry sir nothing of much use... Besides, with that fuel tank leak we can’t stay in space much longer. We must land and make repairs on the surface. It’s our only chance.”Mr. Galaxy said in defeat.

“Give me a little longer” Fastpaw responded, “Those two astronauts must be somewhere down there!”

Meanwhile, Back down on the planet,

“Hey, are you alright leveleditor?” asked Beginnereditor shaking Leveleditor.

“Just a few bumps and bruises that can be taken care of” said leveleditor, in relief that they were still alive, “ help me push this trap door open!”

The two of began to push the thick steel bolted door that sealed the escape pod from the hazardous air outside.

“Wait a sec, I believe there’s equipment for assembling this pod into some sort of four wheeled trike…. Come on, bring me that fuel tank. I guess the fuel left in the pod will be our energy supply” said leveleditor, giving orders.

Back on board the USS M.M.W,

“Sir, most of the damage has been repaired, and the fuel leak has been sustained.” matzoman4 reported to Fastpaw.

“Very good matzoman4." replied Captain Fastpaw, "See what I said Mr. Galaxy?"

Mr. Galaxy frowned, “Yes I see… Sir! we’re being fired upon once again!”

Explosions rocked the ship, fire and sparks were Everywhere.

Mr. Galaxy shrieked in horror, “Wwweeeerrrreeeee ggggoooooiiiinnnnnngggg ttooooo ccccrrrrraassshhh!”

Chapter 2 On Mars

Meanwhile, on the planet Mars,

“Emergency, emergency!” A robot blared, surprising Fastpaw.

“Damage status.” Fastpaw ordered.

“Critical!” The robot responded.

“You know captain,” maztoman4 began, “it’s a miracle that our ship is not a pile of smashed sticks!”

“Sir, our scanners- or what’s left of them, have picked up where our two crew members are!” Mr. Galaxy exclaimed, quite joyful.

Meanwhile, Back at the first crash site,

“Well that should do it!” Beginnerditor remarked, placing down his tools, “what do you call this thing again?”

“A four wheeled, experimental, high powered, trike.” replied Leveleditor. “I just came up with the name right now!”

“Oh… well, I’ll put the fuel in”

“Good idea, I’ll start the motors once you’re finished.”

They both jumped in, and the Trike sped away.

Back on board the USS MMW

“Sir,” Maztoman4 began to speak, “good news, all damage has been stabilized for the second time, and defense stations have been posted around the crash site”

Fastpaw rose, “Good, send out the switch fighters. I want those men found alive!”

“Alright sir.” said Maztoman4. "Launching the switch fighters”

Immediately, five switch fighters were launched from USS MMW. Blasting off into the distance.

“This is wiki 1 calling wiki base, over.” Said one of the switch fighter pilots,

“This is wiki base we read you loud and clear!” Fastpaw remarked, “go ahead wiki 1 make your report”

“Well sir we found the two astronauts heading your way in a four wheeled, trike” said the pilot.

“Alright,” said Fastpaw, “stay in the area wiki 1...out.”

Back down on the ground.

“You know Leveleditor, if they don’t pick us up soon we’ll run out of fuel.” Beginnereditor anxiously commented, glancing at the fuel gauge.

Before Leveleditor could answer, 400,000
energy particles streamed onto the surface in front of them throwing the four wheeled, experimental, high powered, trike off its course. Both Leveleditor and Beginnereditor climbed out just in time to see a tall shady figure emerge out of the dark.

Beginnereditor gave a yelp as Leveleditor pulled him out just in time. The mysterious creature fired again, and destroyed the four wheeled, trike. Once the creature saw no movement, it left, assuming both astros were dead. Afterwards, Beginnereditor and Leveleditor ran into a crystal field in case the creature decided to take a look around to make sure that they were dead for sure. While they were running Beginnereditor tripped over a crystal.

“Oof” cried beginnereditor,

“Wow!” said leveleditor, “take a look at that Crystal”

“Its bright blue. Never seen that before…” remarked Beginnereditor, amazed.

“Yes, dark blue... Come on, let’s take this back to the base.” said Leveleditor,

“Very well.” Beginnereditor replied.

Above in the air,

“Wiki 5 calling wiki base” said a pilot,

“This is Wiki base we read you loud and clear, state your report.” said Fastpaw.

“A creature came out of the dark an destroyed the trike. We have visual on them now, running.” The pilot reported.

“We can’t wait any longer.” said Fastpaw, “pick them up.”

Down on the Surface of planet Mars,

“Look Leveleditor! A switch fighter we’re saved!” said beginnereditor,

The switch fighter landed and opened its hatch. Beginnereditor and Leveleditor climbed aboard, closing the door behind them.

On board,

“Wow!” said the pilot, noticed the dark blue crystal, “what’s that?! Never seen that type of crystal before.”

“We found it on the planet’s surface-” Beginnereditor got interrupted by a horde of creatures that suddenly appeared before the fighter. They immediately fired upon the switch fighter exploding the left thruster, hurling it towards the ground.

“Oh…” Beginnereditor sighed.

“You can say that again.” replied Leveleditor,

“Herrahahahahahahahahahahahah” screamed something from outside, startling the trio.

“You, Beginnereditor…” Shouted Leveleditor, pointing at Beginner.

“What?” Beginnereditor asked.

“I think our situation has just gone south for the winter.”

“Yes, and I think that’s the way we are stuck going.”

“Alright, Ready?” Asked Leveleditor.

“Ready…” said Beginnereditor, “Brake for it!!!”

(Music comes in for some odd reason. Hey! Don’t judge me, that’s just what the original says!)

The creature disintegrated some of the ground beneath Beginnereditor and Leveleditor, forming a pile of dirt around them. Reacting quickly, Beginnereditor chucked the dark blue crystal right at the center of the creature.
The creature began to scream in agony, “Screeeeaaaaaaaacchhhahahahahhaush”

Then, the creature plopped to the ground, dead. Beginner and Level were feeling better when out of the dark another creature appeared!

“I only have one crystal left!” Beginnereditor shouted, holding the another dark crystal in his hand.

“Save it!” said Leveleditor, “it’s our last chance.”

Beginnereditor stuffed the precious gem into his pocket, “And earths last too.”

The alien darted for cover in the shadows as Beginnereditor and Leveleditor started to open fire. Then the alien cried that he was friendly. The two astronauts stopped firing, stunned that the alien spoke English!

“Come out of the shadows.” Leveleditor commanded, staying on guard.

The alien came out of the shadows. But instead of it being one of the previous ones they fought, this one was a Martian!

The Martian raised its two green arms, “It’s alright, I won’t attack you! Look, I’m unarmed!” It said.

“Then why did you run from us?” Beginnereditor questioned, holding up his laser rifle.

“I thought you were going to kill me like you killed that Visser.” The Martian said.

“What was that? Visser?” said Leveleditor, confused by the word.

“Yes… the Vissers a mad conquering people with the ability to destroy an entire planet!” The Martian exclaimed, “and drain energy sources.”

“Hey…..” said Beginereditor, “That sounds like what happened to Earth!”

“No time now, there’s another switch fighter” said Leveleditor, “come on you two!”

The Three of them got on board the switch fighter and headed out for the base, to save the planet Earth.

Chapter 3 The Vissers!

On Board the USS MMW,

“Ah great to have you two back!” Fatspaw cried, hugging Level and Beginner, “You would not believe the trouble I went through to bring you home!”

“Yeah, rest up my friends.” said Matzoman4. “We’ll examine that crystal you brought.”

Down in Leveleditor’s room,

“You know, you sure do spend a lot of your time in front of that contraption.” said Beginnereditor.

“Because some day the C.A.M.M. will be used in all our missions. Its important to get this guy up as soon as we can.” Responded leveleditor, busy working on his machine.

“Did you say C.A.M.M?” Beginnereditor scratched his head.

“Yes I did.”

“C.A.M.M?! I thought it was called the M.M.M.M!”

“Well, you can’t keep the same name. Doesn’t hurt to change it every now and then.” said leveleditor.

“It’s your program so I guess that you can... rename it.”

“Yes… I can…”

“Oh guess what?” Began Beginnereditor, “they got the four wheeled, experimental, high powered, trike repaired!”

Level shook his head, “Got to change that trike’s name.”

Suddenly, a siren blared, causing the two friends to stand up in unison.


“Quickly!” Shouted Leveleditor, “here take this!”

The two of them hurriedly ran out to the main hangar, where many vehicles and aircrafts were.

While on the way to the main hangar, Beginnereditor and Leveleditor bumped into Mr. Brickkid, causing him to drop all his snacks.

“Whoa!” yelled Mr.Brickkid, “what’s the hurry dudes?”

“Where have you been for the last 2 and a Half hours?!” Leveleditor shouted back.

“In my room reading LEGO magazines, …they’re so addictive…” Mr. Brickkid whispered the last part, picking up his belongings.

Leveleditor groaned, “Urrrrrrg!”

“Well, come on! the captain wants all of his officers to go to the main hangar!” Said Beginnereditor.

“Roger that dude!” Said Mr.Brickkid,

In the Main Hanger,

“Ok,” Fastpaw stood before his men, “You probably want to know what that alarm was about. I’ll tell you. See that mountain next to us?”

The crew nodded as the captain pointed to a nearby mount.

“Our scanners say that’s where the Visser’s base is.” said Fastpaw, “And we’re, going to get in there.”

“Sir???” Mr. Galaxy shook with fear.

Fastpaw gave a stern look. “You heard me. To your positions!”

“Roger that!” Said everybody.

“Sir the trike has been repaired.” Redsnapper39 reported to Fastpaw.

“Good, Redsnapper you me and the other Officers shall head out there in about 20 minutes.”

“Roger that.”

“Inform the others,” said Fastpaw, “Oh and tell them to report to my cabin.”

“Yes sir” said Redsnapper39.

Redsnapper39 walked down the hall to inform the others.
“Hey guys!”

Everybody stared at him, “Yes?” They all said at once.

“Captain says you all are going to take the trike up to the top of that mountain. Oh, and he wants you all in his cabin.” Redsnapper added.

After he had left, leaving them alone.

“Is this some Practical joke by the captain?” Beginnereditor complained.

“Who knows.” replied Mr.Brickkid.

“We better report.” said matzoman4.

Mr. Galaxy was in agreement, “Good idea.”

“You guys go on ahead,” said Leveleditor, “I’ll be there in a minute”

Down in the vehicle hanger,

Mr. Glalaxy was heard shouting, “Captain, you can’t be serious!”

“I am.” replied the captain, “Ok, everybody in!”

Everybody seated themselves on the four wheeled trike and sped off.

“Hail Caesar!” said Beginnereditor, “We who are about to die honor you!”

“Don’t be so negative” Leveleditor retorted.

“Goodbye life.” Mr.Brickkid cried.

"Good bye Seattle" Redsnapper said, trying to add some emotion to this messed up moment.

"What does that have to do with all this?" Mr. Galaxy asked the narrator.

Beats me, I’m just rewriting this. Now please, go on with the story.

“Woah, the guy talks... Here weeeeeeeeeee goooooooooooooo!!!” Shouted Matzoman4.

Chapter 4 Below the ground

Zooming across the landscape was our heroes, daring to venture into the unknown.

Meanwhile, at the base,

“Ring, ring” went the door bell.

“Yeah, who’s there?” Mr. Smileyface cautiously asked.

“Cocoso2000_alien here.” Said a voice from outside the door, “you’re in command.”

“What?” Mr. Smileyface stepped back, surprised.

“Yeah,” said Cocoso2000_alien. “The captain and some of his officers have left.”

“Oh drat.”

Meanwhile elsewhere,

“Are we there yet?” Resnapper39 asked, getting antsy.

“You asked that 3 minutes ago!” yelled Mr.Brickkid, looking back at Red.

“Stop fighting!” matzoman4 finally joined in, agitated by their bickering.

“We’ve only just begun!” said Mr. Brickkid.

“Why Beginereditor,” said Mr. Galaxy, “what’s with the enormous letter?”

“This is no letter” Beginnereditor lifted up a large sheet of paper, “It’s my will. You know, when I die.”

Leveleditor took his eyes off the road, “Beginnereditor ,you know I won’t let you diiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!!”

They dove straight into a crack in the mountain, and crashed!


“Okay is there anyone else?” Said Mr. Smileyface, who was bored.

“Oh yeah” said Cocoso2000 alien, “Leveleditor left as well.”

“No engineers, pilots gone, deck officers gone.”

“I don’t know”

“Oh well” Smileyface, leaned back on his chair, “can’t be helped, oh by the way what’s for dinner, ha, bet the cooks gone too.”

“Oh actually the cooks ill, the assistant cooks making dinner” said Cocoso2000 alien,

“I assume that he’s made a dinner before?”

“Well he’s made oatmeal and sandwiches… but that’s about all”

Smiley closed his eyes, “It can’t get any worse than this.”

Back to our other heroes,

“Great job,” said Fastpaw, “I thought you were supposed to be driving and stuff.”

Suddenly a giant claw came out of the wall and threw them into the air!

“Beginnereditor” said Fastpaw, “shoot it, fast!”

Laser beams instantly fired at the monster.

“Ouch! It’s got my leg, my leg, ouch! Shoot it, shoot it!” cried Mr.Brickkid, who was in pain.

“Working on it.” said beginnereditor.

Beginnereditor started to run up to the creature, dodges a swing of its claw and then shoots it in the eye! A petrifying scream lets out of the beast; it drops Mr.Brickkid, and retreats into a crack in the wall.

“Well” said Mr. Galaxy, “that was close.”

Not close enough…

Out of the two sides of the crack, 15 tentacles break loose. They swarm over the humans, lasers are fired but it is not enough!

“AHHHH!” Everyone shrieked at the top of their lungs.

“Kill it, kill it!” yelled Redsnapper39,

Guns ablaze!

“I shot it!” yelled Mr.Brickkid, “See! It’s leaving”

“Actually it left on its own,” Beginnereditor disappointed Mr.Brickkid, “sorry mate.”


“Okay. Everyone back in the car!”

So everyone got back in the trike, and sped off.

“I’m hungry.” said Mr.Brickkid,

“I imagine that you want me to break out some food.” said Mr. Galaxy “After that fight and all?”

“You guessed correctly!” leveleditor grinned.

So everyone ate some sandwiches and drank some water.

Meanwhile down the tunnel,

“Master,” said a Visser, “the human beings are approaching.”

“Launch the attack.” said the Visser commander, angry.

Down the halls our heroes come into a large room,

“Wow!” said Leveleditor,

“You got that right.” said Beginnereditor,

“Shhhhh!” said Fastpaw,

“I don’t like this…” said Mr.brickkid,

“Yeah.” said Mr.Galaxy,

“Sounds like a trap!” said Redsnaper39,

“IT’S NOT A TRAP!” said Matzoman4, “Why does everyone keep saying it’s a trap?”

Suddenly the door slammed shut, locking the astronauts in.

“Told you!” said Mr. Brickkid,

“Quiet!” said Fastpaw,

Suddenly out of the ground a huge circular flank rose up and revealed a massive throne with two guards next to it and a visser sitting with a massive gold crown, with jewels fitted in. Then a light blue shield went around the visser.

“I Am Circujd” said the Visser, “Governor of all on X27B, Mars as you earthlings call it.”

“I’m Captain Fastpaw!” Said Fastpaw, “Captain of the U.S.S mmw”

“I am aware of your identities.” The visser clenched his teeth. “We are the Vissers and we have been conquering planets for a thousands of years, now you shall die.”

“We will have to defeat you!” said Fastpaw.

“We have 10.000 Vissers” said the Governor, “How many are you?”

“Seven.” said Fastpaw,

“You expect to defeat us with 7 humanoids?” The visser chuckled.

“No,” said Fastpaw, “I expect to defeat you like this!”

Fastpaw threw the blue crystal into the shield and the whole thing exploded!

“Come on!” said Fastpaw, “ let’s get out of here!”
Hundreds of Vissers swarmed down from the ceiling, but suddenly out of the corner of his eye leveleditor sees a small door which they couldn’t see earlier because of the Visser throne.

Leveledito pointed towards the exit, “Follow me!” he said.

They all ran into the chamber while being pursued by hundreds of Vissers.
Suddenly the crew heard a huge roar and then all was silent.

“Ok that’s it!” said Beginnereditor.

“Come on guys!” Fastpaw rushed the others.

Everyone got up and ran down the hall.

Chapter 5 Grappling Hooks

While running down the hall, the Vissers didn’t bother the team one bit which was pretty odd.

“Come on guys,” said Redsnapper, “move it!

Up ahead they could see a light to freedom.

“Wow!” Mr. Galaxy exclaimed.

“Totally” said Beginnereditor.

Leveleditor pointed, “Look!”

To everyone’s surprise, there on the red Martian soil sat the four wheeled, experimental, trike, fully repaired!

“Wow!” Galaxy exclaimed again.

“How did this get here?” Beginnereditor asked, puzzled.

“If I knew I’d tell you” Redsnaper replied.

“Wow!” Mr. Galaxy shouted once again.

“Isn’t that the third time you’ve said that?” said Matzoman.

Fastpaw reminded them about the mission, “Get in guys!”
They all got in and the fully repaired trike fully sped away.

“This thing was here on purpose…” said Beginnereditor, “But why?”

“We’ll find out.” said Leveleditor,

They stopped at the spaceship, where Smiley greeted them.

“You’re alive!” He said with a sigh of relief, “I thought I was going to be in command forever!”

“Ok I’ll take over now.” said Fastpaw.

Everyone went inside for some well-deserved rest.

Later that night when everyone except security was in bed Mr.Brickkid woke up. Mr. Brickkid then opened the door and went outside, but accidently awoke Mr. Galaxy. Mr. Galaxy got up and followed him. Mr. Brickkid went up into the control room, careful to stay stealthy. He then proceeded to start then 10-minute countdown for self-destruct!

“WHIIIIRRRPPP!! WHIIIIRRRPPP!!! Self-destruct activated!

Galaxy instantly made his presence known. “Mr. Brickkid! What the hell are you doing?”

Mr. Brickkid turned around and said “Prepare to die Earthling.”

He then fired out of his hand a volt of static electricity, which hit Mr. Galaxy right at the chest.

“HA HA HA!” Mr.Brickkid raised up his arms, “You cannot defeat the vissers, DIE NOW.”

Chapter 6 Countdown

Mr. Galaxy Flopped to the ground as static electricity surged all over his body. With the remaining strength he had, Mr. Galaxy sounded the alarm. Unfortunately, he got hit by electric rays.

With just 9 minutes and 40 seconds remaining, Cocoso came in with 3 guards, who were armed with laser rifles. Mr.Brickkid fired electricity again, killing one of the guards. Cocoso; who was thinking fast, threw a blue crystal at Mr. Brickkid, causing him to topple on the ground. Cocoso immediately ran over to Mr. Galaxy, inspecting his injuries.

“Are you okay?” asked Cocoso.

“The countdown” Mr. Galaxy muttered.

Cocoso stood up, “What countdown?”

“For self-destruct!” Mr. Galaxy cried, grasping his chest.

Cocoso sprinted over to the intercom, looking at all the levers and switches. It was a countdown alright. The countdown displayed large red numbers, which indicated that there was about 8 minutes and 30 seconds left.

Cocoso reached out for his walkie-talkie, and communicated to evry crew member, “This is Cocoso; we got a self-destruct active! All hands on deck! Leveleditor and Beginnereditor, I need you up here pronto!”

Leveleditor finally came up on deck, with about 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining.

“You took your time getting here” said Cocoso,

“No time for that” yelled Beginnereditor,

Beginnereditor started wiring while Leveleditor started to disarm the self-destruct mechanism.

“HURRY!!” Yelled Cocoso.

Leveleditor rolled his eyes, “We’re working on it!”

Just then Fastpaw came on deck.

Beginnereditor noticed the moniter displayed 10 seconds remaining. “This is going to be close!”

“Really close” Fastpaw tensed up.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1- Ding, ding, self-destruct deactivated!

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!” cried everyone.

“That was to close for comfort” Mr. Galaxy stated, takeing deep breaths.

Suddenly, before anyone could respond giant laser beams came smashing into the bridge!

“Most systems inoperative” said Mr. Galaxy.

“What’s going on?” Fastpaw huffed into the intercom.

“I don’t’ know!” Said a voice, “Wait what’s that? Huh? Oh, my goodness there coming!!!!!!! They’re everywhere!!!!!! Save yoursefhd-”

The line went dead, Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

“Fastpaw!” said Mr. Smileyface, “Come here!”

Fastpaw ran over to the window, and there he saw thousands of Vissers climbing up the spaceship, covering up entirely!

“Quickly!” yelled Fastpaw, “RED ALERT!”

They all ran out of the smashed, sparking bridge before the Vissers came in through the window.

Down below Leveleditor & Beginnereditor, who were unaware of the situation did some major experiments on the C.A.M.M.

“What do you plan to do, exactly?” Asked Beginnereditor.

“Using the blue crystal I should be able to have enough power for everything to run!” Leveleditor cheerfully said.

Leveleditor slipped the blue crystal into the power functions place.

“There now we just gotta turn it on.” Leveleditor exclaimed, Proudly.

All of a suddenly a loud explosion rocked the ship!

“Something’s wrong…” said Beginnereditor.

Suddenly a huge dent was struck into the door!
Well that Explosion happened to be one of the bridge controls exploding!

Also Fastpaw at that time happened to start an engagement with a visser. which resulted in many cuts and bruises. Also in the other room, Mr. Galaxy had broken his leg.

Back in the lower decks,

Leveleditor had Beginnereditor attempt to hold the door while he tried to get the blue crystal out of the socket, but accidently turned the thing on which unfortunately resulted in instant electrocution.

“AHHHH!!!!!!” Screamed Leveleditor.

“LEVELEDITOR!” Yelled Beginnereditor.

Regrettably with the sudden shock of Leveleditor’s electrocution, Beginnereditor Let loose the door, which permitted the vissers to blow it open, making Beginnereditor fly across the room for a hard landing on the metal wall.

By the time both men had gotten up from their wounds they found the vissers to be a convoluted into a pile of crystals,

“That’s weird!” Said Beginner.

“Wait a minute…” said Leveleditor.

Leveleditor ran over to the C.A.M.M. and found that all vissers within the view of the C.A.M.M. had been crystallized!

“OF COURSE!” Yelled Leveleditor triumphantly!


“Don’t you see!” said Leveleditor, “The blue crystal being projected by the C.A.M.M attacked the vissers on the screen which means,”

“Which means what?”

“Which means, that we’re going to kill the vissers”

Before Beginnereditor could answer, Leveleditor jumped over to the C.A.M.M and began to extend the view!

Chapter 7 V is for victory!

As the Vissers came into view of the C.A.M.M, they rapidly dissolved into crystals!

Meanwhile, at Fastpaw,

Fastpaw was fighting a visser suddenly it dissolved leaving a crystal on the ground!

“What on Earth? Oh, I mean on Mars.”

“Look!” Said Redsnapper, who hasn’t said something for quite a while.

“Yeah!” said Mr.Brickkid.

The Four of them looked out the shattered bridge window.

“What is it?” Asked Mr. Galaxy, “What do you see?”

There on the red sand of Mars there laid a thin layer of crystals.

Suddenly a small explosion happened down below!

“Call an officers meeting!” yelled Fastpaw.


“Okay let me get this straight” said Fastpaw, “The Whatyoumacallit projecting the somthingorother dissolved the vissers???”

“Correct.” said Leveleditor, who was grinning.

“But that doesn’t explain the explosion.” said Fastpaw.

“Well,” Beginnereditor began, “That was the C.A.M.M, which is sleeping with the fishes now.”

“He means that the C.A.M.M overloaded so now I have to start all over again.” Said Leveleditor.

“Ohhh that explains it” Said Fastpaw, “How is Mr. Galaxy?”

“Oh, he’ll live.” Said Mr. Smileyface, “He’ll be up in a few days.”

“SIR!” Redsnapper interrupted, “We received a message from home!”

Redsnapper handed a message to Fastpaw, who opened.

Commander Fastpaw,

The power failure has been stopped,

you did a great job!

Mission Accomplished!

General Gardeen.

“Well men,” Fastpaw rose in victory, “That about says it all.”