Mars Mission 2 Recon Mission

Hard to beat a 200 word fanfiction... read on if you really want to.
USS Saticoy, A two man space ship comes out of deep space towards Mars. Commanding cornel Джеймс Рен (James Wren) A Russian from Moscow who came to work for the American Space Agency. Now James and His Assistant Mayor Rang Visher Ascend to take Pictures of Mars for the Space Agency.

“Well James here goes 1” Said Rang,

Then he snapped a gorgeous picture of Mars’s surface.
"Here goes two," said Rang,
Then he took another shot,

“Hey Rang!” said James, “Our engine’s Faulted…. Quickly move!”

They then both opened the cockpit and climbed out onto the ship. James Quickly opened up the engine and took a look. Apparently the Engine had an aldermanic shut down Problem. Then he got some tools and fixed it temporarily (I won’t get into the details) Well then he look around him and shockingly saw that Rang had fallen off the ship and was dangling in Space. James wasted no time; he got a metal cable from the cockpit and Threw it too Rang Fortunately Rang was able to grab it and get safely on board. In the Cockpit Rang took a few more pictures and then they headed out for base.

The End