MX-41 Switch Fighter

MX-41 Switch Fighter - 7647
235 Pieces
The MX-41 Switch Fighter is two Astro vehicles rolled into one: a strong, well equipped ground vehicle and a sleek and agile fighter-jet. It boasts 2 flick-fire missiles and 2 non-flick-fire missiles. The arms on the side can also hold infantry guns, drone staffs and other handheld weapons. The wheels of the ground unit act as the engines of the air unit. There is a pod in the rear of the vehicle for storing crystals or a captured alien. Astros use switch fighters like these as standard battle craft. The set also includes a small alien fighter-craft. Minifigures include an Astro Pilot and an alien drone.
MX-41 Switch Fighter - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki
Fan-Review: This is a very cool set that you would buy not for the amount of bricks or how big it is but for the sheer awesomeness of this amazing set. It actually comes with five energy crystals and has very rare green fire coming out of the little Alien fighter that comes with it as well.
MX-41 Switch Fighter - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki