MT-61 Crystal Reaper

MT-61 Crystal Reaper - 7645
600 Pieces
The MT-61 Crystal Reaper is a large, armed Astro utility vehicle used for mining. It can scoop up energy crystals with its buckets and dig into walls with its blades, and has large black treads. These treads allow the vehicle to drive over rough Martian surfaces with ease. The top section has two large mechanical hands, and can be separated from the bottom to fly around in search of Aliens and crystals. A small dump-truck is included with this set and can drive into the back of the Reaper and ride along inside of it. There are also some weapons and mining equipment in the back of the Reaper. This set is the ONLY Mars Mission set that is officially Power Functions compatible. A battery pack and motors can be attached with special instructions to make the treads move forward as if it were a remote controlled car. When the treads move, the blades and scoops move as well. A small, missile equipped Alien attack craft piloted by the Alien Commander also comes with this set. Minifigures include the Alien Commander, three Astros, and two Alien drones.
MT-61 Crystal Reaper - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki
Power Functions RC Setup:

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MT-61 Crystal Reaper - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki