MT-31 Trike

MT-31 Trike - 7697
95 Pieces
The MT-31 Trike is a quick, three-wheeled Astro vehicle, often used for scouting, with a strong built-in suspension system. Its shock system is mainly held together by a rubber piece in the center of the vehicle. The trike has one driver, and storage for a pod containing either one alien or three crystals. There are two guns mounted on the top for defense. The set comes with one Astro driver and one Alien drone.
MT-31 Trike - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki
Fan-Review: Once put together, this vehicle is really cool. The three big wheels and suspension give it lots of stability. It rolls really well and fast and can handle bumps in the road without falling apart. Beyond the cool orange wheels, the trike has other interesting features, like a tube that fits an alien figure that my son likes to pretend the astronaut has somehow captured on Mars. Another feature of the trike is where the astronaut sits. He sits on a little platform that goes up and down, and there is a big transparent orange dome above it. The dome raises up to let him in or out of the trike, and lowers to protect him from the elements. The astronaut figure is cool. He has an opaque gold visor over his helmet and a nicely detailed outfit. My only complaint about this model is that, when the trike is rolling, the alien won't stay in the tube. There is no ridge or anything to hold the alien bed in the tube, so as soon as you start moving the trike he slides right out. You fix this by putting a clear piece of tape over the open end of the tube and removing the tape occasionally to play with the figure. It's a hokey but simple fix.

Fan-Review: The Trike is a cool set, there's not much more to say in addition to the other fan-review. The Trike is armed with two lasers, and two missiles (not flick-fire).
The pod with the Alien does in fact not lock him in so he does come out unless you add the right brick which is seen in almost every other capsule and pod.
MT-31 Trike - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki