MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker

MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker - 7649
759 Pieces
The MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker is a special edition set that includes an Alien Commander and two Astros. It's a menace to the aliens and has quite a bit of armor. It's the biggest mining vehicle that the Astros have, and is also a massive mobile tank. An alien skiff, piloted by the Alien Commander, comes along with the walker, as does a cargo jet for transporting crystals. The cargo jet can slide into the drill unit when the drill is pointed out, making a massive and well-armed mech with two cockpits. Also included is a tiny, armed Astro skiff that can be stored in the jet. The set was launched in 2008 as a special edition set for the discovery of the Alien Hive.
Animation Not Available
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