MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit

MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit - 7699
635 Pieces
The MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit is a huge mining truck that the Astros use to mine for crystals. It has a flying transport craft stored in the back. This craft also carries a small scout motorcycle. The main vehicle sports a Bionicle energy sphere launcher that shoots blue energy spheres with great force. The extra ammo is stored inside of the truck, right in front of the transport ship. The drill is mounted on the right of the vehicle, and consists of a submarine engine housing, two grey circular saw blades, a worm gear, one of the smaller drills, an axle, and some other parts. The alien attack craft in the set is the speeder from the CrystAlien Conflict game.

The MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit actually does appear in CrystAlien Conflict. In the game, it is known as the "Crystal Miner". The difference is that in the game, it has no weapons, and the transport ship and scout motorcycle are missing. The included minifigures are two Alien drones, one Astro driver, one Astro pilot, and one Astro gunner.
Animation Not Available
Hard To Find (No Rating)
Fan-Review: I actually have one of these, but it is currently disassembled. This set is really awesome, the only problem I was always having though, is that the front of the main vehicle would always like to fall off of its supports, and I'd have to fix it. other than that, It's a great set. I also have noticed that it resembles a manned version of the original mars rovers. Anyways, back to the point, this set is awesome. I do recommend finding one if you are interested in getting it.

Fan-Review 2: I got this set on sale, and a large sale at that. The size of the set is very impressive! At first I had some problems with it falling apart, but when I built it a second time I fixed the errors and it's extremely sturdy now. I love how the three different vehicles all detach for different uses. The suspension is great too! The drill and ball-launcher are great for the set as well! And of course the alien speeder is a wonderful addition. The only problem is with the capsules on the flying vehicle, they are prone to swinging around and there is nothing to keep the trays inside. I'd definitely recommend this set, it's a great addition to my collection. Definitely for play.
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