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Mars Mission was a line of LEGO building toys released in 2007 (running until 2009) and based on the exploration of Mars. LEGO had been to Mars before in the 2001-02 theme Life On Mars, but that theme featured a more peaceful interaction between martians and humans. Mars Mission was decidedly different, chronicling a war between astronauts (Astros) and Aliens over a valuable power source known as "energy crystals." The Astros sought the crystals to help solve the energy crisis on Earth, while the Aliens sought to keep the crystals for themselves. This conflict between the astronauts and the aliens was the main story arc of the theme. Over the course of the theme, the Astros' vehicles became more battle-ready, and more alien forces were discovered.


Animated Alien HiveThe mars mission story begins with the aliens. The aliens came from another planet far away in the cosmos. Finding energy crystals on the planet mars, they settled, building up their underground hive and using the energy crystals to power their civilization.

Some time later, astronauts (Astros) from the planet Earth came to the red planet, seeking the energy crystals themselves. The crystals promised to solve the energy crisis on earth, and the Astros planned to harvest them and return to Earth.

Upon arrival, the Astros set up their command base and began to mine the precious crystals. After some time, they spotted an alien. At first the Astros sought to make peace, but the alien turned hostile and attacked the Astros. From this time on, the Aliens and the Astros were mortal enemies, fighting over the Crystals and for dominance of the red planet. Go to our story page to read more about the Mars Mission story!


hyper-sonic operation aircraftMars Mission sets sported a bold color scheme, sleek lines, and lots of play functionality. Set features often included vehicle "nesting" (inside of vehicles), detachable components, pose-able wings, and firing weapons. The sets were released mainly in three waves. There were two special sets and three impulse sets in the line.

For more information and complete set list, see the Mars Mission Sets page.

Online Content

Mars Mission CrystAlien ConflictThe Mars Mission website ( was wildly popular in its early years, thanks to the real-time strategy (RTS) game CrystAlien Conflict, developed by 4t2 for LEGO.

CrystAlien Conflict is a one-player real time strategy game where you control either the Astros or the Aliens in their battles against each other. Both campaigns (astros and aliens) consist of ten main levels. In addition to the main campaign, there were many bonus levels to discover, including special ops levels that included new vehicles from the third wave of sets. There are also lots of cheat codes for the game. For more info, see CrystAlien Conflict Cheats.

Martian Chase
is a simpler arcade-style game where you play as an Astro running away from a hungry Alien who is chasing you and will eat you if you trip. You have to avoid orange Lego bricks on the ground (if you hit one, you fall and the alien gets closer to you) which come faster and faster as the game progresses. Along the path you collect crystals which you can convert into lives at the main menu. There are cheats for this game too. See Martian Chase Cheats for those.


There is much to learn about the Aliens, Astros, and the planet of Mars. The Information Page will guide you to all the informational pages about Mars Mission and this site. Topics include information on both factions and their technology, articles about Olympus Mons, the races in the RPG, and other useful bits of knowledge about Mars and its moons.

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There are lots fan fictions on this site. Fan fictions are stories made by members about Mars Mission. They put their stories on the Mars Mission Fan Fictions page. Many of our members are constantly writing, and you can find all of their stories on that page.

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