Information on Aliens and Their Technology

The Aliens are generally considered the antagonist faction in the Mars Mission theme. Most Aliens are the same height as Astros, although the Alien Commander(s) are larger. Aliens are a translucent green color, and they glow in the dark. Their vehicle/building color scheme is black and lime-green. Aliens are generally thought to be strong, devious, and clever.

A Note on Phobians
Around this site, and especially in the RPG, the Aliens are often referred to as Phobians, who come from a distant galaxy, deemed "Phobonor" (Place of Phobon). They abandoned their home planet called Phobon, because they were being ruthlessly attacked by another race, called the Vissers. The name Phobon means "world of light", which is counter intuitive because light rarely shines on Phobon. This is the reason why the Aliens' eyes glow so brightly. It is also thought that the Aliens have a way of secretly echo locating. It is generally regarded that Phobian technology is more advanced than Astro technology, but sometimes is unreliable or unpredictable.
This information is Semi-Canon.

There are a number of jobs that an Alien can do. While it is unknown if there is any social structure in the Alien race besides Commander and Subordinate, there doesn't appear to be much in-fighting among the Alien ranks. The Alien society is Spartan-like in that the entire race is battle oriented, which gives rise to a vast number of war-related positions. Most likely, Aliens are bred for their positions. Aliens are also comparable to Bees, in that they work in 'swarms,' build hives, and seem to follow orders without question. However, most Aliens cannot fly.

The most common occupation for an Alien is being a drone. Drones are basically rank-and-file soldiers who make up the Alien infantry. Though they are generally not as smart as their commanders, they make up for it in sheer mass. Often they fight in groups. Their only known canonical weapon is a laser staff, which is comparable to an Astro laser, but it is assumed that they are capable of carrying and operating many other types of weaponry. Strangely, in official Mars Mission sets, Aliens never actually carry weapons.

Aliens have built a large number of airborne vehicles, as well as a stationary turrets. The Aliens that operate these vehicles and turrets are called Pilots (the title 'Pilot' is accepted canon). It is unclear weather pilot Aliens are bred for their jobs, or if they are simply drones who have piloting skills. There are also Jet-Pack Aliens and Alien Vipers that use equipment to fly around much like Astro Jet-Pack Explorers.

It should be noted that Drones and Pilots are the only two occupations which exist in consideration of the official Mars Mission sets. The following are based on CrystAlien Conflict.

Saboteurs are essentially Alien Mechanics who can repair both mobile and stationary machinery. They can also perform sabotage work (hence the name 'Saboteur') and are capable of technological espionage. In CrystAlien Conflict, they can be used to capture and assume control of enemy buildings.

Based on the existence of the Alien "Experiment Lab," it is assumed the Alien Scientist exist who research and create new technologies. What other experiments or research they perform is unknown.

Below are the semi-canon roles which are not proven to exist by any official documentation, but are generally considered as existent.

Hive Builders
These are the Alien which help build the Alien hive, and probably other structures as well.

While normal Aliens are about two studs wide and five bricks tall, there is another type of Alien which is much larger; that is, the Alien Commanders. While it appeared at first that there was only one Alien Commander, most fans believe they are an entirely different breed of Alien. These Commanders are taller and wider than the average Alien and have a black head and crest, giving them a shadowy appearance. They are faster, stronger, and generally smarter than drones, which is probably why they became the leaders of the Alien faction. Their leadership style is unknown, but unlike a typical army general, they often join in the fight, using their own special vehicles. In CrystAlien Conflict, they wield a much more powerful version of the traditional Alien laser staff.

A Note on Pieces
In the actual Mars Mission sets, normal Aliens are made of two parts; their legs and their torso. The legs are conjoined at the feet, probably to reduce production cost and simplify the design. A standard size clip on the legs attaches to a bar on the bottom of the torso piece, allowing for the Alien to hinge at the waist. The torso has a standard diameter hole centered on the chest. Arms with standard clip hands are stuck to the body and immobile. The head is also immobile. Alien Commanders are made up of six parts; one central torso piece, four leg/arm pieces, and a 1x1 cylinder. All of the parts attach directly to the main torso. The four legs/arms are identical, have a clip on one end and a connector hole near the 'foot.' The legs clip to the bottom of the torso, and the arms are slid onto bars on either side of the torso's shoulders. The cylinder fits into the head, acting as a brain and giving color to the eyes. Both Aliens glow in the dark to some degree. The parts to the small Alien are available in the most recent update of Lego Digital Designer (LDD). Unfortunately, none of the unique Alien Commander parts are available in LDD.

Alien Structures

'The Alien Hive' is a massive subterranean Alien colony which was partially uncovered by the Astros, and is considered the Alien base. There is no set for the Alien Hive, but it appears on the box art of the sets released in the second wave of the Mars Mission theme. While actual locations are never given for any parts of the Mars Mission story, most fans agree that The Hive is located near Olympus Mons.
'The Alien Hive' refers to the central hive, which is the largest, but it is assumed that other, smaller hives exist. 'The Hive' appears to have been built in a cavern, while others can be seen on the planet surface. The hive is made up of green, hexagonal cells, similar to those found in a beehive. The cells are filled with a glowing, energetic fluid. What exactly this fluid is or what it is used for is unknown, but if the comparison between Aliens and Bees is kept in mind, it is possible that it is some sort of food. Certain Alien vehicles are associated with the alien hive, such as the Infiltrator, which is piloted by the Alien Commander. The Alien Commander was first discovered by the Astros at the Alien Hive.

There are no official Mars Mission sets featuring or including permanent Alien structures. The following is a list of the buildings that can be constructed in CrystAlien Conflict for the Alien faction.

Alien Mothership
The Alien Mothership (as it appears in CrystAlien Conflict) is the Alien base for the main Alien Story campaign. The CrystAlien Conflict model appears to be identical to the model in the Alien Mothership Set. It does not have any weaponry of its own in the game, but if it has been built (already built at the start of the level), the player is capable of building the Alien Generator, which in turn allows for the construction of the rest of the Alien structures. See the Alien Vehicles section for more on the Alien Mothership.

Energy Generator
An Alien Generator produces electricity, presumably through the consumption of energy crystals.

Breeding Pit
The Breeding Pit is where Aliens are trained to be either drones, saboteurs, or viper attacks.

Assault Turret
An Assault Turret is an immobile tower on which a weapons system is mounted. They are the most common type of stationary Alien weaponry.

Battle Foundry
The Battle Foundry is where Alien vehicles are assembled.

Sonar Station
The Sonar Station allows the Aliens to observe their surroundings by using sonar technology. The station also acts as a base for some of the airborne alien vehicles.

Experiment Lab
The Experiment Lab is used for research and study. The Experiment Lab makes the assembly of more complicated vehicles possible.

Orbital Uplink
An Orbital Uplink is a large satellite dish which transmits and receives data from satellites orbiting Mars. It provides an even clearer picture of the martian terrain than the Sonar Station, and allows for the use of the EM Pulse Canon.

Alien Vehicles

The Aliens have a variety of vehicles which they actively use in battle and for other tasks such as crystal collection. Almost all of the Alien vehicles are built for flight exclusively. Many appeared in CrystAlien Conflict, some featuring uses which were slightly different from those suggested by their actual, physical representation.

Alien Mothership
The Alien Mothership appears as a building in CrystAlien Conflict, but the actual set appears as mobile, 4-in-1 ship. The front section can detach to fly on its own (this section is commonly referred to as a Dragon Cruiser). The two sections which are to the left and right of the center also detach (these are known as Vipers or Viper Attacks). Two small twin guns sit atop the center section. A spring-loaded cannon at a fixed angle is present at the very center of this section. Iy was thought that there was only one Mothership for a time, but after the discovery of the hive, and the extent to which the Alien race had expanded, it is now assumed that there are at least several if not an entire fleet of Motherships.

6. Orbital Uplink

Orbital Uplink animated gifThe Orbital Uplink is the alien's version of the Satellite Uplink. It enables the use of the 4t2 Ion Disruptor, and also allows the alien sonar station to see the whole level map. This can only be constructed by the player in the two conflict modes, and astro ops level 2, and the astro bonus level "match" It only appears as a pre-existing part of the Aliens base in the Astro conflict mode. It can be built using pieces of the Alien Mothership, and a bit of what you have lying around.

Orbital uplink.

7. Alien Infiltrator

ETX Alien InfiltratorThe ETX Alien Infiltrator is a two mode alien craft that converts from a resting mode to flight mode. This is the main vehicle the Alien Commander pilots (with some help from a regular sized drone). Along with the Infiltrator, the set includes a two legged Astro walker, a hand drilling miner, and a crystal collecting robot. It was released as part of the summer 2008 (second) wave of Lego Mars Mission sets. In Crystalien Conflict, the Infiltrator is the equivalent of the Astro MX-41 Switch Fighter, as it can transform between ground and air roles and has nearly the same weaponry. It is only seen in the Astro Special Ops levels.

8. Hyper CarrierThis is a featured page

Hyper Carrier
The hyper carrier is the Alien flying vehicle featured in the set ETX Alien Strike. Putting the strike craft from that set in stealth mode gives it the appearance of the Hyper Carrier which can transport troops. It's featured in the ninth level of the alien campaign in Crystalien Conflict.

Side: Aliens
Pieces: Alien Strike
Primary Use: Transporting aliens

9. Dragon CruiserThis is a featured page

Alien Dragon Cruiser
The Dragon Cruiser is an alien vehicle. It is the front section of the Mothership and can be detached for battle and exploration purposes.

Side: Aliens
Pieces: From #7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault (80)
Purpose(s): Battle, defense, exploration, balance (while on the Mothership), massive assaults

In Crystalien Conflict, it is an armored fighting unit and its equal for the Astro faction is the Claw-Tank Ambush. This unit is built in the battle foundry but a sonar station must be constructed as well.|

10. Jetpack AlienThis is a featured page

Jetpack AlienThe jetpack alien, as the name suggests, is an alien that flies around on a jetpack. The jetpack is powered by one energy crystal. Only one set contained a jetpack alien, the MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit. It is not featured in any Mars Mission game.

Other known jetpack aliens include Viper Attacks and Jetpack Alien Commanders (if you watch matzoman4's videos you will see him).

11. Viper AttackThis is a featured page

Alien viperViper Attacks are advanced jetpack aliens. These jetpacks are connected to the Mothership on both sides. Viper Attacks have 2 large guns. These guns are similar to the drone staffs. In Crystalien Conflict, these are the equivalent of Astro Jetpack Troopers and can be produced from the Breeding Pit if an Experiment Lab is present.

12. Speeder
The Alien Speeder is equivalent to the Astro Trike, a quick, light, scouting vehicle with a laser weapon for defense. It utilizes 1 energy crystal to power it, located on the top of the craft. To move, the craft appears to hover above the Martian terrain, using standard alien
Animated Alien Speeder
propulsion technology. In the Crystalien conflict game, it can be constructed as soon as you have a operational Battle Foundry

13. 4T2 Ion Disruptor

This is a featured page
Nuke CursorIn Crystalien Conflict the 4T2 Ion Disruptor is the Alien version of the Astro's EM Pulse Cannon. There is almost no difference between the Alien version and the Astro version besides the basics. The name of course is different, but the name itself is a very interesting topic. First of all, 4T2 is the name of the company that made the game itself. Secondly It was originally called, simply, the Ion Cannon until newer versions of the game came out replacing that old name with the current one.

14. Breeding PitThis is a featured page

Animated Breeding PitThe Alien Breeding Pit is the alien version of the Training Camp from the game Crystalien Conflict. It can create drones, saboteurs, and vipers. It also enables you to construct all other buildings, except for the energy generator, the Mothership, and itself. You can have a maximum of two of these in the game. In order to make vipers, you need a Breeding Pit as well as an Experiment Lab. The breeding pit can be made using bricks form the Alien MotherShip and a few other bricks not in the Alien Mothership set.
Breeding Pit

15. Alien Jet

Alien JetThe Alien Jet is an Alien vehicle used for scouting, exploring, and sneak-attacking. Its small size allows it to maneuver attackers and enemy fire with ease.

Set number: 5617 rating: 5/5 based on 20,900,874 ratings, Awesome.
CrystAlien Conflict game: This is not in the game.

16. Sonar Station

Animated Sonar StationThe Sonar Station is the Alien version of an Astro Radar Station. This Alien structure is seen only in the Crystalien Conflict game, however the design does resemble that of the core of the Alien Mothership. In the game, this base can be deployed for a cost of 1,000 credits using six blocks of space. Once built the player is enabled to produce Strike Fighters; If a Battle Foundry is operational, the player is also able to build Hyper Carriers, Dragon Cruisers and an Experiment Lab. Only after a Breeding Pit has been built can the player construct a Sonar Station. If the structure is destroyed, the player exchanges any Strike Fighters he/she may have for half the amounts worth of credits, even if they are currently in use, because otherwise the fighters would have nowhere to land, Hyper Carriers however, remain usable. Note that only one structure may be built at a single time. An odd fact about this structure is that each Strike Fighter actually cost more than the structure itself, 1,200 credits for each. It is also rather odd to think that the Aliens use sonar-scanning for reconnaissance, normally you would think that an Alien would use something a bit more sophisticated. The only known reason for why the Aliens would use sonar is because they used to live underground on Phobon, and Sonar tends to work best underground and in water.

17.Battle Foundry
Animated Battle Foundry
The Battle Foundry is the Alien version of the Astro Vehicle Factory. This Alien structure is seen only in the Crystalien Conflict game. In the game it costs 2000 credits using 6 tiles of space. This Foundry can build Speeders, Dragon Cruisers (if Sonar Station is operational) and Hyper Carriers (Both Sonar Station and Experiment Lab operational). Speeders Cost 600 credits, Dragon Cruisers Cost 1200 credits (Same as a Strike Fighter) and Hyper Carriers cost 1000 credits. Phobians use Speeders for quick recon, but it is equipped with a blaster if a fight breaks out.
Dragon Cruisers are used for exploration, defense and sometimes great offensives. It's slow but it has heavy armour and powerful blasters. Hyper Carriers are used for transporting Drones and Saboteurs. In some versions of the game, it is known as the War Factory.

18. Experiment Lab

Animated Experiment Lab
The Experiment Lab is the Alien Version of the Astro Technology Lab This Alien Structure is seen only in the Crystalien Conflict game. In the game its use is to make Vipers, Hyper Carriers and Orbital Uplink (For the 4T2 Cannon) It Costs 2000 credits and it takes up 2 blocks of space. It also can be constructed using parts from the Alien Mothership.