ETX Alien Strike

ETX Alien Strike - 7693
246 Pieces
In its stealth mode, the ETX Alien Strike ship (also called the Hyper Carrier) can evade radar detection and flies in to steal energy crystals from the light Astro mining vehicle, equipped with an articulated drill, closed cockpit, and alien/crystal transport capsule. Then it transforms to attack mode to unleash its massive firepower! This set includes 3 minifigures (2 Aliens, 1 Astro), and was released in 2007.
ETX Alien Strike - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki
Fan-Review: This set is pretty sweet. The ETX Alien Strike is in many ways like the ETX Alien Infiltrator. When the Alien Strike (aka Hyper Carrier via Crystal Alien Conflict) transforms, it unleashes 10 small lasers on its wings (five on each wing), one big laser in the middle, and four missiles (not flick fire but come off easily)! Thats some massive firepower! The green triple tail wing things rotate around a large jet even they are open, the black wings in the back don't get in the way of the rotation. The astro mining rover is cool, its nice that it has a rotate able drill and two lasers and the ability to hold an Alien in a satis pod. Since its not a large set, you can find it pretty cheep too. The one and only downside: the Alien is not attached with a ''wrench'' brick so he can fall out. Don't worry though, its an easy fix! (one ''wrench'' brick)
ETX Alien Strike