ETX Alien Mothership Assault

ETX Alien Mothership Assault - 7691
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The ETX Alien Mothership is a 4-in-1 Astro's nightmare, with a Dragon Cruiser at the front, two Viper Attack jets on the sides, and a fully armed mid-section. The four parts of the ship can split apart and attack Astro emplacements together. When a trigger is pulled under the body of the ship, it launches a spring-loaded missile. The target of the Mothership's near-unstoppable assault? The included Astro mining station with air pump defense tower. The pump can fire foam missiles and the drill can slide back and forth along a track. This set was released in 2007 and includes 7 minifigures: 5 Aliens, 1 Astro Gunner, and 1 Astro Miner.
ETX Alien Mothership Assault - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki
Fan-Review: I got this set on Christmas when I was 8, and I loved it. Me and my brother would have battles with our stuff, first I got Aliens and he had Astros, then vice versa. When my Mothership got trashed by some kids passing through my house, I was mortified. I rebuilt the Dragon Cruiser and Viper Attacks easily, but the Transport/Lab was hard to rebuild without the instructions. All in all, this is definitely a set worth getting, I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

Fan-Review: This set was amazing and totally worth the money I spent on it. Today, it costs a lot more though so its now very hard to find at a reasonable price. This set has 5 Aliens and 2 Astros. It has a pump system like the one seen in the Astro Command Base that fires large blue darts and attached to the "Defense Station" is a Astro using a moveable drill. The mothership itself is awesome. There is a large spring-fire cannon in the middle. The only significant downside is that the Viper Attacks like to come off.
ETX Alien Mothership Assault - Lego Mars Mission Fan-Made Wiki