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*Alien commander*

Newspaper cutouts, various procedings on Mars, basically short backstory.
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Chapter 1
It was a peaceful day in France... not. Nobody really understood it, the first few balls of energy falling... then they hit. People might have though they wer emeteorites, if it were not for the following waves of explosive bolts of energy. It turned into a hail of destruction before anybody really knew it was happening. All was as planned.
*Deploy the carriers!*
The Hypercarriers dropped from the ships as they uncloaked in the millions, the skies turned black. Aliens everywhere, killing indiscriminately. The military did not stand much of a chance... the Astros that had once repelled the Aliens were all American, and not a single one had set foot outside his country. Of the ones that returned, of course. As the metropolis around Paris burned, the President and his council had made a series of meetings. Communications with their troops was breaking down... they were back to WWII all over again. Only this time, the enemy was not armored columns that could be held back by destroying bridges. Main command centers were filled with the command staff gathering to coordinate their troops... an idiotic move. A piece of cake for the Aliens to trace the communications up the command chain. The 4t2 cannons were into position now, and not one had a second of respite. The Motherships closing the orbit had shut down comms satellites by now, and the panic spread. As did the Hypercarriers, having ravaged France the Netherlands and Belgium was next. And now the true carriers were touching down, securing land, deploying their bases. Thousands of eager commanders did whatever needed to destroy French resistance and build their own bases there. Soon the land had been taken from the inside out, and the Strategists were taking over. Massive armored columns of Dragon Cruisers formed up, readying for their move into Germany. The Strike Fighters were unpacked and assembled along the Coast, preparing for strike missions into the United Kingdom. Even the most modern British jets did not stand a chance against Alien strikecraft... and the few places were reverse-engineered Astro Fighters turned the tide, the 4t2 cannons soon had locked in. The French surrendered now. Of course, the Aliens did not care for annexiation, or Earthly diplomatics. To them, the white flag was merely the signal to unleash the nukes from the Fathership. Paris was engulfed in the nuclear fires. The US called in warnings about retaliation, as did the other nuclear countries of the world. In response, London, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin and Sydney were vanquished from orbit. Then the preparations of retalitatory weapons was detected, and both 4t2s and remaining nuclear weapons were redirected for their new targets. A few warheads made it through... only to realize they had no target. Those few weapons capable of hitting orbital targets stood no match to advanced point-defense weapons developed against the human torpedoes, from their past ship-to-ship engagements. And launches of enemy spacecraft were jsut as easy to intercept. A few battles were had, but truly the humans were outmatched and overwhelmed in the battle for space.