Crystalien Conflict 2: The Mars Crusade

Note: Part one is split into two different POV. Later parts will be combined.
After millions of years of fighting with what they had, the astronauts received better equipment to defend themselves by Earth's Universal government. They received combat suites for the infantry that gave them more speed, agility, and strength. Pulse rifles also came with them, giving the infantry stronger, faster firing weapons. They also upgraded the claw tank with a plasma disc artillery siege cannon. However it required the claw tank to be anchored down to the ground in order to fire this deadly ground to ground weapon, because of the strength exerted for firing. The astronauts also began to use a satellite probe, that originally was used on their Hypersonic Operations spacecrafts. It proved to have stealth like abilities, and proved veryeffectivefor scouting and detection.
Many other upgrades were made as well.
The astronauts were beginning to exhaust their crystal fields, and soon in a couple of weeks, the commanders knew that they would be depleted in a few weeks. Even if they were to move locations, it would mean stepping into alien territory, and risking hundreds of lives, just to mine these crystals. However, it was then decided, by the astronaut, military specialist: Ronald G. Sulivan, to punch through the alien territory. His plan was to first send out satellites to scout the area of choice: sector 115632 or the Hevran heights, for crystal fields and alien activity. They would then send in four Hypersonic operations spacecraft to establish mining outposts, and begin mining operations. He would then amass forces and head out to the area. Any sign of trouble and the mining outposts would take off within a few hours.
As Sulivan's forces began to move out, intelligence received a distress call from all four of the mining outposts. They had been ambushed and were not holding off well. What troubled the astronaut's headquarters was that the outposts were attacked at the exact same time. All four of the outpost's radios, and communicating systems cut off one by one, within about 10 minutes. Multiple contacts were made to them, but no answers were received. Probes soon revealed smoking ruins where the outposts had been. Not only that, as Sulivan's forces had arrived at the ruins not too soon after, they spotted several alien vehicles, never seen before. The astronauts knew that they were soon in for a bigger problem then they had reckoned before.
10 minutes later the Astronauts received a message from a scrambled energy signature. TheAstronauts quickly descrambled the signature, and discovered that it had not came from the Galaxy MK, but it had come from the Human homesystem. The Sol System. After a few more hours they finished reading the rest of the message.
From: The Catnovian Operations Team
To: Astromininghq@milkyway.ans
You have violated Universal Laws, Act Seventeen, under mining rights, property rights, and boundary rights, of sectors 7, 8, & 9. We have Earth. And we have it undersiege. We will wait here keeping Earth under quarantine, until you, your mining group, soldiers, and other stuff leave those sectors. You have 4 Cater days.
The Astronauts were shocked at the first encounter of the new Alien ships, but they were petrified at hearing the Caton-rich Galaxy of MK defied the peace treaty of 3024. The Astronauts decided to call the defense of Earth from inner systems of the Milky Way, withdraw Astronauts from other galaxies, and combine the armies into what was called, The Universal Army of Earth.
Once again it was the astronaut military specialist, Ronald G. Sulivan, who led the army to edge of Cater Territory.
5 days later, the message arrived.
To: All Human Ansibles
Earth has fallen. Skydar drones have detected your forces at the edge of our territory. Do not attack. Attempts to attack will be dealt with obliteration of your forces.
Astronauts became furious at the message, and protested that The Catnovs & Caters be destroyed. The decision was made. The war was underway. Humans attacked Skystar with failed attempts, Lorston, Kolg A, Kolg B, Kolg C fell to human hands. Caters were in an outrage, chaos reigned down upon the Galaxy MK, The Aliens of Colony 7, Colony 2, and Colony 5 went to fight the Milky Way Galaxy in an attempt to help their ancient friends. Battles lasted months long, sometimes even years. Battles even blew Mountains to Craters, Oceans to Deserts, Valleys to Plains, things turned into radioactive wastelands, sabotage returned, banished acts of war started occurring, acid rain, climate control, Anti-gravity used as a weapon, and many other clever ways to kill became common, bio-warfare elements were now damaging the gaialogy of other planets. Sodiar was invented by the Caters, as a new type of detection systems that proved effective against their foes many times over. Humans invented new computer viruses that could get into Cater tank computers and cause their engines to overload destroying powerful technology.
As the war raged on, the Aliens (or A.C.s as the Caters call them) were making slow progress in domination of the Milky way galaxy. They attacked the Sol System, the Lohg System, and the Oulk System. Down on the ground of the planets, blood filled rivers, countless died, supplies of drinking water and food were down to almost nothing for both Humans & Aliens. Neither side would give up. The forces of both sides weakened terribly, they became lighter, they became faster, and moreflexible. Lasers didn't hit their targets anymore. Pulse lasers missed their target often. Both sides returned to older firearms, deadly smoke burned the lungs of Humans, lead & gold poisoning the atmosphere killed both Aliens & Humans alike.
The rest of the universe waited in terrible suspense, watching, waiting for all the bloodshed between Aliens, Humans, Caters & Catnovs to end.
Trade was disrupted by the constant war making a barrier between allies, and burning a rift into the trust of other nations.
Suns blazed, planets exploded, then the suns themselves exploded and imploded.
The Astros had long since mastered the art of using the M.D.D. on planets. This started affecting other galaxies, the Aresenmvics said they would not be affected but that had changed. The universe burst into chaos, everywhere there where splinter fractions,rebellions, war breaking out, and traitorous acts happening.
The universe itself was burning, and dying.
But there was only one small cry across the stars.
It said: "Look at what we have done. The universe is burning! We claim things that aren't true! We take what is not ours! We destroy what we don't understand! We need to stop! Or we will burn as well!"
But it wasn't enough.
271 Years Later...
The universe became much smaller.
So many sentient creatures had been wiped.
Over 9 Million Planets obliterated.
30,000 Systems destroyed.
31 Galaxies wiped out.
Half the universe had become a land of endless rock, poison, death, decay, dirt, and ice.
But the Caters and Humans still fought. Until, It was time, for it to all end...
-------------Starlight II--------------
Finally...It is time to show my power once more. But my glory will only be for a moment. And then I will die. Just like the rest of my world. Suddenly I feel a stab of pain. But I know the real pain will come later...
-------------Verigan Storm--------------
Leader's Log #9,700,022 - Condorastium
It is time. Time to die. I have livedmillenniastraining new Leaders, fighting countless battles, and declaring wars upon wars and treaties upon treaties. But now I am too old to do that anymore. I shall declare the new Leader at dawn. Intera-Saribva. The unwinable scenario will come soon. Death will be on the wind. Caters are down to 5 Systems, 9 Planets, and 10 Stars. Our war with the Astros has finally ended. All I do now is listen to the Ansibles. Waiting ever more patiently for this world to close. Ending forever. Never starting again.
The Void is close. And I can feel it rise...
This is Commander Seven, signing off for the last time.
Farewell Watchvale. Farewell...
What is THAT?
Where am I?!?!
Why is the world burning?!?!
What am I inside of?!?!
Oh...That's NOT good!
Something just got--What the--?
"I don't understand! Why would you try to destroy eachother! Why can't you hear hear me!? Listen to me!!!"
--------------Sulivan VII------------
I never really wanted to get into this war...
But we cannot back down now.
We must end it.
"We've destroyed half of The Galaxy MK. We've lost ansible connection. Our supplies are running low, but we have reached Primary System: MK1, we will split our still strong forces, half to Caterise, half to Katniv. I predict that we will have a deadline of 3 years before their reinforcements arrive." I said "When we get there we will target (in their bases): first their power supplies, second their Communication Centers, third their Uplinks & Turrets, fourth their machine making buildings, fifth theircamps, and finally we will destroy the rest of their base. Is that clear? Good."

We just landed on the planet Katniv and we have spotted a patrol, we are nearly ready...
"Take Aim!"
*The Catnov patrol spots us and quickly gets ready to fire*
Do they seriously have battle honor???
"Fire at will!"
The line Catnovs quickly release a round of highly explosive Neutron Bullets that tear through ourimpenetrablearmor
---------------Cater Head General---------------
"Awaken the Dark One."
"But Sir! We can't! Sir!"
"That is an order! Now you will execute it or else be punished by the royal monarchy!"
"Sir! Yes! Sir!"

"Sir I've just received word that Humans have landed on our planet & the planet Katniv. What do we do?
"Sir, what do we do?"
"Hide.""Bring all forces to our strongest base hide all civilians underground on the opposite side of the planet. All the forces we have here will be used to defend the civilians underground as best as we can."
"Okay, I will send the orders out right away, sir!"
"No. I will."
*I press a blue button on my desk followed by a green, a yellow, and another blue one*
*A holoscreen appears in front of me*
*I mem the core*
<Open All Ansible & N-Space Communications for Galaxy MK - MKC 1 - MKS1>
<Subject Line: Defensive Measures of Caterise. Sender ID: 'Mark I'>
<Hello, son...It's been a long time since we last had a meeting...>
<Agent 23508 Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Darkshadow Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Ironside Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Kyst Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Shadowmyst reporting for duty Sir!>
<Cateron XXVIII Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Lightstar Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Cystorm Reporting for duty Sir!>
<Starshadow Reporting for duty Sir!>
They all stood at attention waiting for my orders, waiting for what I might say.
<Cateron, you will go over to Katniv: 4Q and make a massive stronghold there. Agent you will unite the nations of Katniv. Evilshadow, you will be in charge of planetary defense training on Katniv. Cystorm, you will be in charge of weather patterns all over Caterise and Katniv; some twisters and hailstorms would be nice. Kyst, you will be in charge of keeping morale up all over Caterise and Katniv. Lightstar, you must bring religious tranquility to our worlds again, it is quite imperative. Darkshadow, you will be in charge of Orbital defense on Katniv. Shadowmyst, you will conceal our troops ,on both planets, in a dark mist to hide them from our enemies. Ironside, you will build massive strongholds all over Caterise, and three more on Katniv. Now move out!>
*They disappeared*
"So. You've done nothing at all."
"Yep. That is my plan." I said back to my father.
"Always had to be so clever, don't you? Cleverness, and strategy won't help now. We're on the brink of complete annihilation. We both know what will happen."
"I just want to try, OK?"
He sighed.
"Not even a miracle would save us. Re-Writing Time will not work this time."
"Hate & War can not drive out hate & war, only light & love can do that."
"Good. You have learned well." He said to me.
"What good is learning if you get nothing?"
"Teaching, not learning."
"You must learn to be more patient. A tongue can move to deceive, but only with our permission."
"Let us see who you truly are. Unveil yourself!"
"I am nothing."
"Which form of nothing?"
"The form..."
"Yes, go on."
"The form of, loyalty and determination."
"Ahh...I see the good kind."
"I guess so."
"Ask yourself who you are. When you know the answer then perhaps I will teach you more. That is, if you survive."
He left...
I pondered what he had said. What did he mean? The good kind? A nothing is simply nothing. Wemerely watchand wait, or sometimes we take on a shape and become a form of something great. I became ruler of Caterise because I defeated great foes with my amazing acts of loyalty and determination, unlike certain previous rulers I could name, but won't. I found myself asking and answering more and more questions than I anticipated, but still never closer to answering the first question. The question that seemed so easy at first, but turned out to be so hard, and complicated.
*Suddenly a great wind entered the room ruining years of hard work*
*A dazzling light!*
"What the Tartarus going on!?!?"
*The light faded revealing a strange figure dressed in black, tattered and torn*
*The figure collapsed to the floor*
*I pressed the white button on the wall and held down a smaller black one next to it*
"Someone as collapsed in my office requesting medical attention immediately."
*The doors burst open, doctors poured into the room, they took the figure away to the indoor ER Cateron XXI had established for me a long time ago*
*I walked into a large vertical cylindrical tube*
*Suddenly I was in the ER, overseeing what was going on*
<Sir, It's you.>
<Are you sure?>
<I'm positive. Exact same DNA and everything, the physical stats say it's perfectly fine, and is just exhausted.>
<Does magic still exist?>
<Dang. I was Hoping to use this spell I was studying. How's Project: Harmonics doing?>
5 minutes later...
*My figure slowly rises, then slowly comes to his paws* (Yes, we Caters are a bit like Humanoid Cats but are much more agile)
*I walk him back to my office. I close and lock all the doors and windows*
"So, what do have to say for me?"
My figure seems confused by the question.
"What did you say???"
"Fear the dark. I do not exist. We are one but not yet. See the Void is rising, see the dark is near. A tide shall fall upon Starfall, and all shall fall again..."
What is he talking about?
"Uhm... Could you explain this for me?"
"I was always there."
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"Shut up and listen!"
"...You're crazy."
"It's to get your short-lived attention. Now like I said shut it."
"Now listen closely; this is very important and I only have a few seconds left so you must remember this: Whatever you do, don't fight th--*My figure disappears*
"Don't Fight what! Don't fight what?!"
"It ain't real yet... Not yet..."
<Commemtion Device. Access data files on Phobian war tactics.>
<Downloading files...>
*A thousand images flooded my mind*
*It ceased*
<Download war statistics, and active non-sleep generator 1.0>
<Completed. Non-Sleep Generator Online.>
I then stepped into my Time Machine, and set course for 2039, then 2043, then 2041, and finally 924.
I changed everything. And now the path is right. There is to be no escape. No mass-geonocides. No more last good-byes, no more ships lost. 90% will not be lost this time. This time we fight for peace. We fight to win it. We fight to save everyone. Unless we can't. Then we do our last resort. Laser Missile to the core of both planets. And seven lives would be lost then. But we are still outnumbered.
Nothing, not even having the best technology and most resources in the universe can save you from being defeated.
+==---___PART TWO___---==+
(Furious Symphony)
To be continued.....................
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