CrystAlien Conflict Strategies


Are you a strategist? This page is for sharing your strategies for CrystAlien Conflict. For those of you who still play it like me, and who still have not beat the levels, which I doubt, this page is at your disposal. Not only will it help you but it will make the game more fun! If you use cheats to beat the game, that's okay, but the information on this page is what pro gamers use. Up to the challenge?

Feel free to add your own strategies, or comment on other player's strategies in the thread section at the bottom of the page.
I'm also planning to add videos of the strategies that I upload for you to see if they actually work!


Sabotage: This is a cool move to use when you are trying to damage your enemy's base or are trying to get a foothold inside their base. It works for both aliens and astros. All it requires is a trike or tank and a engineer, and for aliens, a speeder or dragon cruiser and a saboteur. Not only can engineers and saboteurs repair damaged vehicles and buildings, but can also capture enemy buildings so you can control them. The goal of this move is to capture a defense station or assault turret. There are two ways of doing this: the first is to cut out the enemy power supply temporarily, which allows you to capture the defensive structure. Once captured immediately build a power plant or energy generator next to or near to the captured defensive structure. Once that has been completed the defensive structure will fire and wreak havoc inside the base, destroying the buildings it had once defended. If it is located at the entrance of the base, it will stop any enemy vehicles from getting in, or out.

Middle Base
:Middle Base In Conflict mode, you can build in the middle plain area, and establish a base in the middle area to attack the aliens' extractors. This is done using the building glitch. First (this is as Astros in Conflict Mode) Build all the necessary energy generators and protect the west side of the base. Then, build a turret in one of the slots to the north side of the base. Click on the turret building icon to have the icon ready to build. Hover over the left/right available slot next to your earlier turret. Notice that when you hover next to it, it will be a green square, as usual. When you hover part of it over the crystals, one side will be red, as usual , so you can't build there. But here's the trick. When you hover over the space, and it is completely green, quickly click on it while you're moving it over to the spot where it would usually be half green and half red. You must move the mouse quickly and click right away, or you may end up with just a turret on normal ground as usual, or the game reacting as if you just clicked in a red area. If it works, The turret should be half in the rock and half in the crystal area. Then, you can build other extensions and set up your base.
Note: the Aliens' defense turret actually is a vital point. If you destroy it or sneak beyond the two turrets' range of fire, the back passage where aliens extract crystals could be a way to sneak around the two dragon cruisers in the middle. Then, you could go into the aliens' base or get two trikes and speed past the turret at the entrance of the alien base and get the crate near the experiment lab that has the engineer. Then, use the engineer to capture the Aliens' Orbital Uplink.

Vital Buildings:
"There is one thing to always remember about war. Take out their power supply, ammo, food, and water and you've already won it. The same applies to CrystAlien Conflict, destroy the enemy power supply, and destroy their miners and you've practically won. The enemy can't build, repair, or make any units without crystals, and they sure can't defend well enough when nothing is powering the turrets." - Commander7
Conflict Mode Example: Take out any turrets on one side of the enemy's base, so you can safely guide air units into the base. You can then either steal their energy or take it out. If you chose to steal it then you'll just send in a carrier (or dropship) filled with saboteurs (or engineers). You'll want to take some energy generators (or power plants) first. Take advantage of the box inside the base: it is another saboteur (or engineer). Send saboteurs (or engineers) to the Uplink, and to the factory/foundry. At some point you should make some dragon cruisers (or claw tanks) to take out the turret guarding the entrance to the base. Once you've done that you should be able to send units freely in and out of the base. Use this chance to take out any Miners the enemy might have. Now is also a good time to send back the carrier/dropship to resupply on saboteurs/engineers. It will be less time-consuming to send it over the 'lava lake' now. Bring the new units over to take over the training camp/pit, and any remaining power generators the enemy might have. This effectively disables their turrets and gives you the chance to take over their base as well. Now you can destroy everything the enemy has remaining without units being harmed, unless you didn't take over every single power generator.

Technological race
This strategy requires quick work, as you are trying to deal a crushing blow before the enemy does. First place your clawtank and two jet-packs in the area where strike fighters are. Race forward in technology, and sell the outpost, only buying miners for units. Build the radar station before the vehicle factory. Once you have a radar station, start stocking up on astro fighters. The goal is to get to an EM pulse cannon ready and four astro fighters before the enemy uses it's 4T2 ion disruptor. Once you have these, send the astro fighters into the base to attack the Mothership. Once the astro fighters have dished out all that they can, use the EM pulse cannon to finish off the Mothership, while sacrificing the astro fighters. - clawtankfan

Remote Base:
In most levels, there is a lot of space that can be built on, but it's too far away to build on! Or is it? Here's how: first, build (and sell) training camps or breeding pits next to each other until you reach the area you want (training camps and breeding pits are best as they're the cheapest buildings and two spaces long as opposed to one). Once you reach the area, sell them. Simple as that. The best things to put in these "remote bases" are power sources and turrets. You can also use these as remote ports for shorter distances to enemy territory.

Mars Tycoon:
"The battle's not over until there is no longer an enemy." - rennatnave101
In Conflict mode, if you have managed to capture the enemy's base, you can build their units as well as your own. After capturing the enemy's base, build as many mining vehicles as you can (on both sides). This will give you a large and steady income. The aim of this strategy is to build, as well as allow you to experiment with different building techniques. You will need to max-build energy generators, but you can build almost anything you wish. You can virtually run in "tycoon mode" forever, as long as you don't destroy the enemy troops in either the top left or bottom right corners of the playing field (as long as one still lives, you can still play). As soon as there is no more enemy, conflict mode ends, and so will your empire.

DracoSupreme's Strategy: This is DracoSupreme's strategy for the conflict mode, any side. The examples will use Alien units. when you start up, quickly start building a generator, before the camera jumps if possible. Then send your Dragon Cruiser along your Extractor to protect it until the outpost can. Build a breeding pit after the generator, and then an assault turret. Place it next to the other one on the outpost, or it will not live long. Build another turret as soon as possible and place it on the outmost position on the "wall" in the location closest to your entrance. Make another miner and a sonar whenever possible. Go completing the positions on the wall with turrets, place another turret on the side of the entrance and some inside your base to protect your buildings from Trikes. Remember to use the fix on top, next to the sell button often! Take a "fixing round" every now and then and check up your buildings. Do this whenever there is an EM pulse. Then go tech up 'till you have the Orbital Uplink. Remember to throw in some Miners. Try to keep one secure at your base, just in case. Build 4 strike fighters and send any built ones at power plants. Get a 4t2 disruptor at his power and keep sending fighters. Get a speeder or some vipers and put them in the middle of his base. If you've taken out enough power you can get the saboteur and take over his training camp. Train traitorous engineers to take over everything and play tycoon. Or you can blow it all up old fashion. If you haven't taken out enough power you can send in reinforcements (Read: Dragon Cruisers) and take it out or get a carrier with saboteurs for taking power. Then take over everything, now harmless to you, or blow it all up. If you want you can send the place to the 5th dimension with Em pulses and 4t2 disruptors. Aaaand taht's it. :D

Shadows Strategy tips:
So, this isn't a full 'here's how you win from start to end' but a here's how to HELP you win.
1. Learn the map. Knowing the location of every enemy building helps. Either scout the map, or use an orbital uplink on the level you wish to win. You can do this at any stage or do it and then restart. After playing a few matches you may get a feel for the locations of the opponents structures. (The map is roughly symmetrical in conflict mode, and near identical for each team.)
2. Keep the lights on. (Don't run out of power.) Many people think that the main reason they need to build power plants is to keep defence stations running. While this is true, it's important to remember that low power shuts down the radar, makes the fog come back if you have an uplink and halves building time. This means that low power can affect you in many ways, not just from a defensive perspective. To combat this keep one 'unnecessary' power plant alive at all times, to pick up the slack if another is destroyed.
3. Use auto repair all the time. Repair, repair, repair. Every 15-30 seconds you should check for repairs. Always after a nuke.
4. Sell if you need. You shouldn't sell unless you need cash, have blocked a unit (hardly ever happens), or are selling power consuming buildings to get power levels up to green again.
5. At the start build 4 miners and get the crate (near the bottom right for humans, and top left for aliens) for a 5th.
6. If you need more cash grab the two alien pods. (Near the top left and bottom right corners)
7. If you need more firepower there is a claw-tank near the top left for humans (and bottom left for aliens.)
8. Inside the opponents base there is a crate with an engineer. Capture the enemy base, repair a unit, or capture another building. DO NOT try to capture a functioning turret or the breeding pit/ training camp. (the pit/camp gets destroyed by the closest turret if you try.)
9. Know your units. Scout with trikes, fighters or jetpacks. Use engineers to repair tanks, fighters, miners (and occasionally jetpacks and trikes.)
10. Protect miners, it's a pain if they die. Make sure that none die as this will drop you down from 5 down to 4 miners and impair your cash flow.

11: Use tanks instead of turrets where necessary. (They don't use power and are cheaper)
12: Max build can be passed by crates. (you can reach 5 miners, 6 tanks, 6 engineers ect.)
13: DON'T take out their power. This is one of the worst mistakes make in CAC. That 'if I take out their power plants then their turrets shut down' in general, it's easier just to blow up one or two turrets and achieve the same result. The CPU is WAY past max power plants/ generators.
14: Build a wall with 'blocking' units. (Clawtank, trike) This is incredibly useful, and takes a lot of your workload.
15: Come up with a decisive plan, Choose the units that you want/need to carry it out. Don't build a useless mix of units.
16: Don't train infantry, and generally don't train trikes. (Mostly useless)
17: Don't load jetpacks into drop ships. (they can fly)
18: Nukes destroy crates and pods. (Even over a moderately large distance)
19: The CPU instantly retrains most units once they are destroyed until their cash runs out. Blow up the buildings before units if you get spammed by one when attacking.
20: Attack with: Max tanks OR 2 dropships, Max engineers/ Max jetpacks OR nukes and/or Max fighters. These are the best combos.

I hope this helps. If you can't win try with a 'simple' cheat ('awesome' is the best for this) and practice with an advantage. Handy if you need a 'helping hand' so you can learn the tricks.