CrystAlien Conflict Guide

This guide shows how to beat all the levels in the bugfix (latest unofficial) version of CrystAlien Conflict
Campaign (Story) Levels

Human (Astro) Campaign
Astros - Level 1 - "MINING THE RED PLANET"
code: mars

This one is simple. Just follow the tutorial.

Astros - Level 2 - "WE ARE NOT ALONE..."
code: powerup

Group select all of the Astro Infantry. In the Northeast corner is a hill, with an alien atop it. Destroy the alien. Go to the bottom of your base, and go right. there should be an alien there. You have to explore the rest of the map to find the last one.

Astros - Level 3 - "BUILD AND REPAIR"
code: niceman

First, complete the engineer tutorial. Then, don't send your miner back just yet. Put a defense turret as high and right as you can go, so that it covers the only way in and out of your base. Then send back your miner. Wait until you have 1000 or more money, then buy as many infantry as you can. Go and defeat as many drones as you can, by looking around the map. But, whatever you do, DON'T GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE MAP! 3 speeders are waiting for you, and they will easily overpower your troops. Once you think you have destroyed all of the drones, build another defense turret. Then go stir up the speeders. Send groups of 5 infantry at a time, and slowly destroy the speeders.

Astros - Level 4 - "MARS EXPLORERS"
code: buggy

First, you must select the trike, and have one hand over the H key. As soon as you get ambushed, press it, the click. It doesn't matter where, just move out of where you are. Go ahead and build a Training Camp ASAP, place it, and build 3 infantry. Build another defense turret at a diagonal, so that it is parallel to the rock. Save up money, and buy another miner. Build the rest of your infantry, and get at least 3200 money, or 3100 if you still have your original trike. Build a Vehicle Factory, and build 2 trikes (Note: If you have your original trike, just have an engineer fix it, and only build one trike.) Go scout out with your trikes, and find and destroy the aliens. If a speeder gets into your base, have your infantry destroy it. Build more trikes as necessary.

Astros - Level 5 - "PIRATES OF THE SKY"
code: flyboy
Strategy 1: (Defense)
This one is if you are newer to the game or don't want to risk loosing due to a small mistake. Build a power plant, training camp, and two defence stations. You want to place them so that the two defence stations guard the 'entrance' to your base by blocking the place where the two rocky 'arms' almost touch. Send the miner to mine the crystals just above your base. Place the trike and infantry behind the defence stations to give some more firepower. When a dragon attacks it should be easy prey for your defences. Once the three dragon cruisers have come and died you can send your miner out into the large crystal patch. (Remember to use an engineer or auto repair to fix your defence stations.) Now build a radar station, another miner and some astro fighters and get them to kill the dragon cruiser and aliens in the bottom right corner. (when funds are available.) The drones and dragon cruiser in the bottom right corner cannot attack your base.
Strategy 2: (Offense)
This one is faster, but more difficult. Build a power plant, training camp, radar station, defence station and 3 astro fighters. (Remember to organize the placement as to take up as little space as possible, and to have the majority protected by the defence station.) The defence station is if your base is attacked, that combined with the trike and infantry, you'll be OK. Send the miner to the small patch of crystals just above your base. Send the 3 astro fighters to kill the dragon cruisers, kill them one by one, and if a dragon survives an attack let the fighters fly back to reload. Once reloaded do another strike. Once the three 'roaming' dragons are are all dead, kill the stationary one and the two drones using the fighters and the trike. Keep in mind that there are a few things that can go wrong. If a fighter is damaged, repair it, and if one is killed you may have to wait some time before you can rebuild it. (In which you base is vulnerable, but if a dragon shows up let it attack the defence station before sending in the fighters.)

Astros - Level 6 - "ASTRO SQUADRON"
code: range

Straight after the "show around" select all of your explorers and send them to the aliens breeding pit. Victory in several seconds. (as an alternative you could build up your base and stuff but that takes ages!) If you choose to do that, have the hint that there will only be so many vipers sent at you. After a while it will stop. Hold out! And be very careful with the miner, micromanage it, you cannot build turrets that will cover it at all times due to the acid lake and crystal placement, vipers can always attack it just outside of turret range.
Astros - Level 7 - "CLAWTANK AMBUSH"
code: stomp
It is impossible (aka- very difficult) to defeat the alien base with just the starting troops (3 tanks and 4 infantry) as the alien base when you reach it will have 2 assault turrets in the slots and a dragon cruiser in the middle. This defense looks easy enough however when the dragon cruiser is destroyed another one will replace it, when that one is destroyed another one will come. I have recorded up to 5 cruisers coming out of the factory (maybe more) (this is also impossible even if you "gang up" with your tanks on the defenses, they will just still beat you.
It is recommended that you position your tanks to defend your miner(s) and build defense stations where needed (and power to arm them) to protect your base until you have all the buildings necessary to build the claw tanks. then if the miner(s) are protected, send in the 5 tanks+ 5 trikes and all other forces to win (engineers recommended for repair) you will easily win doing this.
If you feel particularly adventurous you can try and win using air units (astro fighters and jetpacks, as these, while weaker can bypass the turrets and the dragon cruiser.)
It is also possible to hold out until the attacks stop and then attack the virtually unmanned base, but watch out for dragon cruisers.
(you can take over the buildings using engineers)

code: ufo

Firstly grab the crate with the infantry and get the trike. use the trike and your infantry to defeat the drones guarding the training camp. then grab the pods and use the engineers to fix the base Do not attack the training camp. click on the dropship in the bottom right corner of the screen and bring it up to the training camp. max train infantry then train 2-3 engineers and use one to repair the trike (if necessary) then click on the trike and send him to the left of the crash site. Warning! there is an assault turret waiting for you, doge past its bullets. grab the crate that contains the claw-tank. leave the tank there and send the trike back, if you didn't repair the trike before do so now. now leave the trike and send the dropship with 2(-4) engineers and 2 infantry and fly over to the bottom right corner of the screen. then fly left along the very bottom until you spot the crate. pick it up with the infantry or the engineers (no air units can collect crates except for some of the units in Special-ops) The crate will contain a Jetpack Explorer. Fly him left (no not go near the assault turret. kill the two drones. fly the dropship and the engineers into the base and fix it. Then either take over or destroy the energy generators to cut off enemy power. Now get the alien pod that is right of the base and build a defence station near the top of the base. send the jetpack to the speeder on the crystals and destroy it. then send all troops except the tank to either the training camp or the eagle command base. then send in the tank to exterminate the speeders. when that is completed go for the dragon cruiser, when it fights back drive the tank to the defense station for safety and their combined firepower will defeat the dragon cruiser. Level finished! (If not use a trike or jetpack to scout for hiding enemies.)

code: elton

Select the engineer. Board the dropship. fly around collecting the crates which all contain jetpacks (except one), only the engineer in this level can collect them so he will have to leave the ship.Then send all the jetpacks to the energy generators into the upper right hand destroy them. send the dropship to the upper left hand corner and get the crate near there. It will contain a claw tank. Use it to destroy the two energy generators on that side. Once all enemy power has been cut off attack the assault turrets and destroy them. Capture Experiment Lab. Win!
Alien Campaign
Aliens - Level 1 - "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS"
code: earth

Do the tutorial and reach the crate. win.

Aliens - Level 2 - "CLEANUP"
code: zapper

Group your drones and go to the left hand side of the screen (near the top) and grab the pod. Kill all Astros and destroy the miner.

Aliens - Level 3 - "REINFORCEMENTS"
code: extra

Do the tutorial. Send the two drones to scout the crystal area. You should easily beat the Astros.

Aliens - Level 4 - "OUTNUMBERED"
code: retreat

1. do the tutorial then hold out until Astros stop coming. train drones then with your speeder blow up the training camp. (protect the extractor)
2. blow up the training camp then do the tutorial and follow step one. much quicker.(If all else fails hold out and defend with assault turrets.)

Aliens - Level 5 - "ONE ALIEN ARMY"
code: doctor

train a saboteur. Control the saboteur. Repair the speeder.
1. slowly move the speeder around killing any stray Astros until you are near the claw-tank then grab the crates and build up your speeder army and kill the tank. You will have won unless you missed an Astro.
2. fly left and straight to the claw-tank and grab the crates to build up your army and kill the tank then fly back for repairs and avoid the defense stations. Kill all stranded infantry. (if you need one more saboteur sell the energy generator and you will also get a drone.If you want a second drone once you are bankrupt sell the breeding pit and you will receive a second drone to aid your force.)

Aliens - Level 6 - "JETPACKS AT 8 O'CLOCK"
code: scramble

1. (this ones very risky but it ends the level much faster. I recommend it ONLY to professional players.) Quickly train 3 strike fighters and send them to the top left assault turret or fly them directly to the enemy base. Then fly them down to the training camp. blow it up (try to avoid being shot at by defense stations. Sell your sonar station for enough cash to keep going as an army of jetpacks will be headed for your base. Build a breeding pit, followed by an assault turret. Wait until all jetpacks are dead. Then the level is yours! nothing can get you and your crystals are safe. Build up until the claw-tank, infantry and technology centre have been destroyed. then you win! (You can optionally blow up the defense stations and power plants but it is not necessary.) up extractors and assault turrets (and a breeding pit.) wait until you have enough cash to successfully defend your base (remember you can use auto repair for the remote turrets.) then blow up the Astro base.

Aliens - Level 7 - "DEFEND THE MOTHERSHIP"
code: flow

First select the speeder (the faster ship) and leave the dragon cruiser there. Fly up to the top of the screen then fly to the left. Keep going until you see the pod. Then collect it and head back to base. Then head down then west again, until you reach the crate. grab it to get another cruiser. Station it near the first one. Build a energy generator, then sell it and get a drone. (You don't have enough money for an extractor.) then build another energy generator. Also sell this one for another drone. Then use the remaining cash to repair the mother-ship. Take one of the dragon cruisers forward to the dimensional door. Position the other one and the two drones and the speeder in a line of defense to hold your base. Then send the dragon cruiser stationed at the dimensional door towards the very left edge of the screen. You will be attacked by 2 defense stations, ignore them and fly past and kill the trike. then either go straight to the enemy power plant or quickly go to the crate located just above the enemy base to get a second dragon cruiser. Either way send the one (or two) dragon cruisers to the power plant. Destroy it. Then fly back to the training camp. Destroy it and the infantry. Wait for all engineers to die. Then you will win. (If not look for the infantry or the trike.)

Aliens - Level 8 - "ONSLAUGHT"
Code: redalert
Starting off this is a very hard level. You only get $2000 to start and you are constantly attacked by fighters. there are two starting paths that are worthwhile. once you have started off the rest of this level is relatively easy. (BUT IMPORTANT! USE A AUTO REPAIR OR A SABOTEUR, AUTO REPAIR IS BEST! TO FIX DAMAGED BUILDINGS, DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED, DO NOT FORGET!!! REBUILD ANY DESTROYED BUILDINGS!) 1. build a breeding pit. (place it as far left down as you can) Followed by two viper attacks. Send three to the to the mothership, energy generator and the experiment lab (one to each as my testing shows that they always target a random one of your starting buildings first. followed often by the breeding pit.) and leave the other two at the breeding pit. Then after this space out your 5 vipers. Repair all damaged buildings. Build a second extractor and send a viper to protect it (and the other one). (or do step 2) 2. Do step 1 but in the other order. (so get the extractor first.) and space out the 5 vipers. Then after doing this (1 or 2) send at least one viper to protect the extractor. Build a 3rd extractor (you'll need it.) Save up money and build a second energy generator. Then build an assault turret. Place it either on the left, right or on the hill. (A claw tank comes soon and it mostly comes at the left and rarely up the middle/right paths.) Repair damaged extractors and build a 4th one. Build sonar station and a battle foundry. (in either order.) Then build more assault turrets and energy generators until your base is well protected from attack. Now it is time for attack. 1. Build Max dragon cruisers and some saboteurs. Take over the 2 close power generators and build assault turrets to protect them. Then build as many assault turrets below the power plants to damage the defence stations. Then send in the dragons and blow stuff up!!! (failing this max build again and try again until you win) 2. Train Max strike fighters and Max viper attacks. Either send the strikes or vipers to the Training Camp or technology center. Once they have been destroyed send vipers to the vehicle factory. Blow it up. Send your Strike fighters to the radar station and eliminate it. Kill any wandering Astros. WIN!

Aliens - Level 9 - "D-Day"
Code: 5050
This level is possible without cheats (many don't think so)
So here's how you do it. 1 be quick. See that jetpack near the satellite up-link. It will kill everything. So you have a time limit. Be warned.
Get a saboteur to grab the crate near your base. Send all drones into the hyper-carrier, fly the hyper-carrier down and drop the drones off. quickly move the hyper carrier back up to avoid damage. Send all drones to attack one of the defence stations that starts on less health. Once it is destroyed (It is impossible to beat two of them) send all remaining drones down. (you will have between 2-3 if you are lucky if not too bad.) then get all saboteurs to board the hyper carrier. Send it down to the spot where you dropped the drones and drop of the saboteurs. Move the hyper up 1 one space to be on top of the saboteurs. Now select the saboteurs and the hyper carrier. Move them down to below the turrets range. (this was for a version of the game with sped up defence stations, however now the game has been slowed down to it's original speed and you can now kill both defence stations with your drones. The strategy remains, as you are likely-as-not to fail to kill one of the defence stations.) Now fly your troops down further and take over the abandoned breeding pit. Train two vipers. Train two drones. move the drones left to the far edge and then move them up. Kill the infantry. Grab the crate, and get $8000. Money solved. Train max vipers. (by now the jetpack will have moved and be dead.) Train max drones. Train one or two saboteurs either leave them there or put them in the hyper carrier. Send in the drones and vipers. kill the trikes and both defence stations. Send in the saboteurs. Capture the satellite up-link. Win!

Conflict Mode

Code: eclipse / nightfall
So here it is, the conflict mode guide. please add ways of winning level below (as there are many)

List of strategies
Detailed analysis

Strategy 1: (by Galactic Pineapple)
Use a trike unit to get the alien pod near the remote defense station. Then, get the claw tank and miner that are stored in crates near the center of the level. Build lots of miners and set up defense turrets around your base. Then, build lots of units until you have reached the unit cap for everything. Then, build a satellite uplink and build an emp. Select all your units in preparation for the charge on the enemy base. Use the emp on the enemy's assault turrets on the outermost border of their base and send all your units pouring into the Ememy base. It's pretty easy from then on. Continue sending units into the enemy base. You can either take over the enemy base using an engineer or destroy it. The game is completely won if there are no enemy buildings or units in the level or the enemy base is destroyed. Then, special ops is unlocked!

Strategy 2: (by Shadow,)
Build and defend
Slowly build up your base and only focus on defence. (and miners). Repair and replace all damaged buildings when you reach max tech then destroy the opponents miners (or do it earlier) then outlive your opponent wait till they stop attacking you. Destroy the enemy any way you like. Easy! But it will take a long time (like an hour or so) to win.
Strategy 3: (by clawtankfan)
Technological race
This strategy requires quick work, as you are trying to deal a crushing blow before the enemy does. First place your clawtank and two jet-packs in the area where strike fighters are. Race forward in technology, and sell the outpost, only buying miners for units. Build the radar station before the vehicle factory. Once you have a radar station, start stocking up on astro fighters. The goal is to get to an EM pulse cannon ready and four astro fighters before the enemy uses it's 4T2 ion disruptor. Once you have these, send the astro fighters into the base to attack the Mothership. Once the astro fighters have dished out all that they can, use the EM pulse cannon to finish off the Mothership, while sacrificing the astro fighters.
-by clawtankfan from the strategies page.
(It's one of the best examples of a good strategy and is a 'first strike' or a 'cold war' style of strategy. It's also one of the fastest ways to win.)
Strategy 4: (by ETXAlienRobot201)
coming soon! -ETX

More strategy's coming soon(-ish)!

Special Ops/ Bonus Levels
Note: To access the human special-ops you must complete the 'training missions' Astro (Campaign) 1- 5, or use the level code. You can use either, but it is recommended that new players complete the 'training missions' in order to have a good knowledge of the game.
Special-Ops 1
Astros - Spec. Ops 1 - "Astro Special Ops 1: "DRILLER"
Code: drill
Use the switch fighter. Don't worry about the drones, they wont beat the ops-ship (It's got a big gun, and a heap of Hp). grab the easy three crates right in front of your nose. Then without landing the fighter get the one guarded by two drones on the right. Fly down and target the alien iflitrator. you should survive with one health. fly back to base and get a engineer to fix the switch fighter. Fly onto the crystal patch and kill the speeder and get the crate. speed back home and build the drill. WIN!!! (By the way the drill can only be built on the crystals.)

Special-Ops 2
Astros - Spec. Ops 2 - "Astro Special Ops 2: "JACK ATTACK"
Code: cavein
1. This level is quite hard but there are many ways to win it. I shall tell you the bluntly obvious one. Build a switch fighter with all of your money. (right at the start.) Fly it straight down until it reaches the drill. kill the three alien vipers and use 'auto repair' on the drill. wait until it reaches full health. Quick win.
2. Alternatively you can follow the level instructions. Send the reapers west and NOT to the drill, and get the crate, put the 2 engineers in 2 reapers and send the reaper without an engineer in front. Make your way to the ops ship. Once there kill the vipers and offload an engineer.
Note: You CANNOT repair a reaper. (in any level)

Special-Ops 3
Astros - Spec. Ops 3 - "Astro Special Ops 3: "GREEN"
Code: jacks
Grab the four crates near the ship, then build two drillers, wait till you get some more money and build a power plant and a training camp (with the power plant left of the ops ship and the training camp right.) Build two switch fighters and send them, you tanks and anything else you want to kill the assault turrets. Build a radar station and a vehicle factory. Build two more power plants. Then get a tech center and a up-link. Build two more power plants and a drill south of your base. build four defence stations to guard the upper paths. (one for each). Once you have done this build a third drill south of your base. (comes in handy)
Optional: Kill the alien commander. Build three or four claw-tanks (more if you like) send them down to the new drill, then pick the left or right paths. One contains $10,000 the other has the alien commander. if you get the cash go to the outer one (and visa versa). your tanks should slaughter the commander. (no sweat, its not even hard) anything that survives has to beat your turrets. Killing him will NOT make you win. ):
Now build max tanks and switches, go to the top left corner and kill the drones, nothing should die, grab the crate and move to the top right, then bottom right, replace all destroyed units. (this is easy). THE HARD BIT. The bottom left corner contains 8 dragon cruisers (the most it is possible to get in one game) and a infiltrator. Max tanks, switches, and reapers (money is no problem) If you want build astro fighters and anything else that you want. Send the switches to get the crate behind them. It contains a claw tank. Use the force from the rear at the same time as the one from the front. send in every astro fighter (in two groups so they don't loose any damage). You Should win. if not there is no way they are gonna beat the defence stations, and the heavily armed ops ship. Eliminate any things you may of missed (somehow if not already) WIN.

Special-Ops 4
Aliens - Spec. Ops 1 - "COMMANDER"
Code: theylive

Click the alien commander (your ONLY unit) and send him left until he reaches the green slime. You will Survive the attack. Slowly move south, kill the jet packs, and move down again and kill the power plants, there is a crate behind them, grab the crate. Move south. kill two more jetpacks, conserve health, destroy a training camp and the research center. get the next crate. Move west a little (5-10 spaces). Slowly move space by space (north west). There is a crystal reaper, kill it but don't get hit. Move north repeat the process on a switch fighter (be careful). Destroy the drill. Now move to the little opening move space by space. There is a defence station. Don't nuke it!!! instead there is a spot where you can hit it but it cant see you. (really useful, because you have really long range.) Move north and kill the trike and then the factory and power plants. get the crate. move to the top of the screen. move west. keep going and kill the power plant. Go back, there is another defence station. find the 'sweet spot' and use your range to kill it. Move west and destroy another power plant. Move south and kill two (or three, but not four) of the jetpacks. move south again. There is two defence stations. Kill them with your extra range. Move south until you can see the special ops ship. Hit it with two nukes. WIN!!!
(sometimes the 'sweet spot' does not work. use nukes instead and try to fight the ops ship at the end)

Bonus 1
Astro Bonus 1:<BR>"PIZZA SPECIAL"
Code: pizza

Build a power plant and a training camp, train as many infantry and miners as you can and protect your miners until you have enough money for the pizza. Then search for the pizza, it spawns in a different location every time the level is played, however it can be seen on the radar, remember it can spawn near or in your own base or the alien base. Keep this in mind when pizza hunting.

Bonus 2
Astro Bonus 2:<BR>"SOCCER MATCH"

Code: match
1. Build a power plant and a training camp, train max infantry and send them south-west until you see a small 'pathway' leading to another area of the map. Station them there and wait for your miner to collect more crystals. Your infantry will take some damage and as one dies buy a new one to replace it. When you have max infantry and 1400 crystals, buy a new crystal miner. Continue doing this until you have four miners. Start building the soccer pitch (it doesn't matter if you have enough money to finish it, just start the build) Get more money and continue to buy more infantry. Wait until you can buy the soccer pitch / it has finished building. Move all your troops out of the center square and place the soccer pitch. Win!
2. Alternatively you can win by destroying the Alien mother-ship. If you want to do this there is a claw-tank (in a crate) stationed in the bottom right corner. It should provide some much needed firepower.

Bonus 3
Astro Bonus 3:<BR>"LIVE CONCERT"

Code: manic
This ones pretty simple:
1. move the trike south and get the alien pod. (Or move around the map until you see another. They may be in the center/ in your base.)
2. Build a up-link. (if you can afford it)
3. Repair buildings (with auto repair) if necessary.
4. Build a power plant if necessary.
Note: this will involve mostly getting pods, and they are scatted randomly around the map.

Bonus 4
Alien Bonus 1:<BR>"RELIC"

Code: temple
Go to your right and take the pod, then go even more right and kill the astronaut. Behind him is a container with a viper. Use the viper to kill the other astronaut above you. After that go to the left with your viper and kill the astronaut. Take the container with the speeder. Go right and up to kill the trike with the viper (don't follow the trike, you can't catch it, it outruns the viper). Don't follow it if it goes into the shrouds. Go to the left and take with the speeder the container with the sabouter.
Go with your viper where the trike did go right. Kill the astronauts (don't follow the trike, you can't catch it, it outruns the viper)
Take the crate with the viper where you killed the astronauts. Go again to the right until you see the jetpack explorers, take them out.(make sure that both your vipers survive, so take out one at a time and repair if necessary) Now you can also kill the trike.
Now go up until you see a pod with a saboteur. Repair your speeder if damaged by the trike.
Go to the right and kill the jetpack explorer with your two vipers. open the container with in it another speeder.
Now take your speeders and speed-run to the left until you see a pod (ignore the clawtank) take the pod and easy win.

Bonus 5
Aliens - Bonus 2 - "J'ADOUBE"

Code: checkmate
(Note: This level has radar enabled for free)
Select a viper attack and send it south until it can just shoot at the infantry without being hit itself. Kill all infantry. Send the viper back. Move a drone so that your speeder can get out. Send it to the square in front of the crystal miner and make sure it shoots it. The surrounding troops will go crazy, but the Two tanks on the edge will remain oblivious to the destruction. Your army will be able to kill all the troops that come at them, this including the miner. Win!

Bonus 6

Code: santa
(Note: while played from alien team, the aliens in the level are assigned to the astro team, and as a result will not assist you or attack the astros)
(Note: This level has radar enabled for free)
Take the present next to you. Then go up and kill the astronaut and the drone, also take the present.
Now go down until you see a power plant and a trike. Destroy the trike and the power plant.
On the right there is a speeder and an energy generator take them also out.(don't forget to take the present)
The defense turrets should be offline.
Now go up and take the second left. Watch for the clawtank (Don't attack it, you aren't able to take it out)
Keep stay the edge and get the present.
Now go to the area under the turret.(stick to the edge to not get spotted by the clawtank!)
Destroy the jetpack explorers and take the present.
Go back to the sleigh and then right. When you see a turret go the upper area.
Take the vipers and the drones out and claim the present.
Go to the area under the turret, there are two dragon cruisers, just ignore them(you don't have enough hp to take out two dragon cruisers),go straight to the present, than you should go automatically to the sleigh and you should win!
Bonus 7
Astro Bonus 4:<BR>"LOST"

Code: amaze
(Note: A map of the maze can be seen in the clip played before the level starts.)
1. (fast way) move the cursor tho the top of the screen (but not sideways) then click the very right edge. The trike will pass two speeders and you should grab a crate that contains a claw tank. Move the tank about four squares left. It will kill the speeders without taking Any damage. Then drive the tank back to where you started and move it left about 15 squares. You should move back and use your range to kill him. Grab the crate behind him. Then move 2 square right. (by going around the rocks.) move up until you see another entrance (to the right) go in and get another infantry. Amass your troops together. Send the tank up square by square it will kill a speeder. Send it up further and get it to kill another one. Send it through where the speeder was and wait until the paths divide. Choose the one on the left. Keep moving, get your tank to kill anything it sees. At the end of the path there will be a crate. It contains an engineer. Get it to fix your tank. Move back to the last intersection but pick the right path, tank in front then the infantry and trike. Fight the dragon cruiser. It should be blown to pieces. Win!
The Lost Level

Lost Level 1
Lost Level 1: "Bodyguard"
Code: Whitney
(Note: This level was made, but not published as part of the original game. As a result it does not have a clip that plays before it.)
Take two vipers and go to the far right to take out the power plant. Now stick to the edge and go down to the alien mothership (stick to the edge so the turrets won't hit you.
Destroy the power plant next to the alien mothership.
Now go left until you see a power plant and destroy it (keep hovering directly above the power plant so that the turret left of you won't hit your vipers)
Select your dragon cruisers and go left until you see a clawtank, take it out and go right.
Let you vipers go slightly up so they can see the training camp and assist the dragon cruisers.
Let the dragon cruisers take out the clawtank first and then the training camp.
Destroy the power plant and all the turrets should be offline.
(Optional: Go to the right and kill a power plant next to the top right defense station. It helps if you are worried about the turrets coming online if one is destroyed.)
Check if the area is clear and let than your saboteur reclaim the alien mothership.
Pretty easy win.
Good luck!