CrystAlien Conflict Cheats

CrystAlien Conflict Cheats!
This page has every cheat you'll ever need to beat the CrystAlien Conflict game!
Table of Contents:
1. Main Gameplay Cheats
2. Astro Level Codes
3. Alien Level Codes
4. Bonus Levels
5. Astro Special Ops
6. Alien Special Ops
7. Descriptions
8. Known Glitches
9. Other Codes/Misc.
10. Questions & Answer
1. Main Gameplay Cheats:
moneypenny → Powered Up / MOST CHEATS ACTIVATED!
fatwallet → 50,000 credits / $50,000 (in the game!)
newbie → triple shields
n00b → triple shields
299792458 → build faster
→ build faster
awesome → rapid fire
fullscreen → Play in fullscreen (only works if the embed code for the game includes allowfullscreen=true)
clearskies → Shroud Removed
beeblebrox → (described at bottom of page)
because *real* hackers don't need cheats, they make their own ;)
2. Astro level codes:
Level 1 → Mars
Level 2 → Powerup
Level 3 → Niceman
Level 4 → Buggy
Level 5 → Flyboy
Level 6 → Range
Level 7 → Stomp
Level 8 → Ufo
Level 9 → Elton
Level 10 → Eclipse
3. Alien level codes:
Level 1 → Earth
Level 2 → Zapper
Level 3 → Extra
Level 4 → Retreat
Level 5 → Doctor
Level 6 → Scramble
Level 7 → Flow
Level 8 → Redalert
Level 9 → 5050
Level 10 → Nightfall
4. Bonus levels:
Bonus 1 → Pizza
Bonus 2 → Match
Bonus 3 → Manic
Bonus 4 → Temple
Bonus 5 → Checkmate
Bonus 6 → Santa
Bonus 7 → Amaze
5. Astro Special Ops:
#1 → drill
#2 → cavein
#3 → jacks
6. Alien Special Ops:
#1 → theylive (That is the only level! Refer to section 10 on this page.)
7. Descriptions:

→ Go into a level and hit the 4 and 2 key at the same time to activate "Test Mode".
Now, when you push certain key combinations, different things will happen.
Push 4 and + at the same time to skip forward a level.
Push 4 and - to go back a level.
Push 4 and * (on the number pad) to give yourself more crystals, and makes building almost instant.
Push 4 and / (on the number pad) to take away all darkness.
4 and backspace or pagedown to instantly lose the current level.
4 and pageup to instantly win the current level.
8. Known Glitches:

Place a building anywhere:
While choosing a place to construct a building, it is possible to place it on parts of the map that it wouldn't normally be able to placed on.
This is done by
dragging the mouse cursor to another part of the map while clicking to place a building on a valid location.
The result, the building will not be built on the valid location, but wherever your mouse moved to before the placement code activated.
This is because of the slight delay between game frames, when you first click the game determines that you clicked a valid location for the building, but the building is not placed until the next frame. This gives you as much time as it takes for 1 frame to pass in which time you can move the mouse cursor anywhere on the map. The more laggy the game is, the longer it takes for a frame to lapse, the more time you have to place your building anywhere.
(An interesting side effect of this glitch is that the top half of the area where the building is placed becomes a valid place to build on as soon as the building is sold, destroyed, or otherwise removed from the map.)

  • Fixed as of Redux Bugfix Edition and later.
Play as the opposing side:
Using the beeblebrox cheat it is possible to play as the opposing side on most levels. If you start on the Astro's side, you can keep jumping forward levels until you pass the last Astro level. Once the first Alien level starts you will notice that you are now playing as the Astros on the Alien levels! This works the same way for the Aliens, you can start on the Alien's side and then keep jumping back levels until you pass the first Alien level and end up playing as the Aliens on the Astro levels!
(It should be noted however, that if you try going any further back than the first Astro level, or any farther ahead than the few bonus levels after the last Alien level, the game will "crash" and Adobe Flash Player as well as your web browser will be frozen until the broken script times out.)
  • Fixed as of Redux Bugfix Edition and later.
    • Use the new cheat code theotherside to play as the opposing team on any level.
Get an extra unit:
Sometimes it is possible to get one or more extra units after hitting the normal maximum amount of buildable units.
It occurs when you press a unit's build button at just the right moment, and under certain conditions, which may involve the quickbuild cheat.
If timed correctly, you'll get one or more extra units beyond the maximum.
  • Fixed as of Redux Bugfix Edition and later.
9. Other Codes/Misc.
credits → 4T2 multimedia →
Maze → You might have heard this one, it's supposed to be Amaze
t2000 → "Something out of nothing" - The original T2000 bonus level was re-appropriated to serve the purpose of an Alien Special Ops mission, (and featured some slight gameplay tweaks). Therefore the corresponding cheat code required renaming, to THEYLIVE
(You can, however, use this code on the old version of the game, which has been archived here:

hurricane and azs8t → These may have been present in an old version of the game, however that version has not been found anywhere.
(Note: Other sites on the internet might have had their own version of the game with content exclusive to their site, if you played one of those, they may have had different codes.)
10. Questions & Answers:
Question: What is the real Alien Special Ops?

Cheats - Alien Special Ops XML NodeTHEYLIVE is the only Alien Special Ops code in the game!
Special Ops was only commissioned for the Astros. (So 3 new levels were created there.)
The Alien Special Ops button becomes active only if you have played level 5 or higher on the Aliens and the "int_disableEvilSpecial" XML node is anything but "TRUE"

These are all the codes for the last available vanilla version of CrystAlien Conflict.
Future fan-made expansions of the game may include new cheats, and won't be listed here.

Cheat codes from old versions of the game may not work in newer versions!
You can try codes on an older version of the game at
Using the navigation bar at that site you can pick another version of the game to play.
If you find another version of the game that's not listed there, please let me know!
You can check the version in-game by using the beeblebrox cheat.

If you have anything to add, post a comment below!