Crystalien Conflict 2: The Ares Chronicles

~ Scene One: 'Hive Defenders' ~
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~SceneTwo: 'Meon's Discovery' ~
The Phobian Leader got a strange_message_from_Qaudrent_7 of Mars the other day.
He's sent an armed Investigation squad to it.
Crystalien Conflict: Concept Designs [Alien Level 2]
The Investigation Squad arrives in_Qaudrent_7's top left corner on Jixeon 25 2042.
The Investigation Squad_consisted_of 7 Viper Attack, 1 Dragon Cruiser, and a Speeder. The Leader of the Investigation Squad piloted the Dragon Cruiser.
Squad Leader: "Okay, Vipers 1, 2, & 3 head East. Speeder-1 head South and scout out a path for me. Vipers 4, 5, & 6 head Southeast. Viper 7 stick with me."
Viper 2: "Sir. We've discovered a Dimensional Door East of your current position."
Viper 5: "Sir. We have also Discovered a Dimensional not too far from here."
Speeder-1: "Sir. I have discovered a crashed Astro Dropship in our vicinity. Do we hold our positions?"
Squad Leader: "Speeder-1, can you give me a detailed report on why the Dropship crashed?"
Speeder-1: "As far as I can tell the Dropship was shot down by something big. Are you sure we should continue this mission?"
Viper 5: "What!?!?!?!? Are you crazy??? The minute we abort this mission is the minute we've failed our leader!"
Viper 2: "True... But he still has a point."
*There was a brief silence*
Speeder-1: "Okay Sir! I've found a place were you can cross! It's a landbridge so there shouldn't be much trouble at'all."
Squad Leader: "Com'on people! We've got to stick together! Keep moving men. Speeder-1 hold your position while I get to the bridge."
Speeder-1: "Yes Sir!"
Minutes Later...When the Squad Leader reached the landbridge...
Squad Leader: "Okay Vipers 2 & 5 Report."
There was silence...
Squad Leader: "Vipers 2 & 5, Report."
Still silence...
Squad Leader: "All Vipers Report."
Viper 7: "I see everything you see, sir."
Viper 1: "Sir, I've found another Crashed Dropship. It reads the same as the other crashed one."
Squad Leader: "Why aren't Vipers 2 & 3 with you?"
Viper 1: "They... They g..." His vice trailed off.
Squad Leader: "Uhh... I didn't quite catch that. Could you repeat it again?"
Viper 1: "Viper 2 has entered a dark cave alone. Viper 3 has stayed at the Dimensional Door. I am outside the cave entrance."
Speeder-1: "*****! Three Dropships are crashed and in this area! Three! Sir! Do we abort the mission???"
Squad Leader: "Viper 1 Get Viper 2 out of that cave now! Speeder-1 stay with me. Vipers 4, 5, & 6 hold your positions and keep a lookout for possible danger."
Viper 4: "Sir. I have very grave news. Vipers 5 and 6 have been killed. I am taking refuge on the riverbank. I-I don't know what they are, or who they are but they're dangerous... Don't help me. I'm not here to risk others' lives."
Squad Leader: "I don't understand..."
Viper 4: "I'm shot. They've got me outnumbered. They have surrounded me. My only choice is to use my Viper-Flyer to get across the river, but even that is risky. I would be forced to travel along a mountainside that is on the opposite bank. I would be forced to us speed, which still wouldn't help me. But as we both know there is always another choice, which I have chosen to use."
Squad Leader: "Speeder-1, Viper 3, and Viper 7 go to the starting point. I'll stay here."
Squad Leader: "Viper-4, don't do it."
Viper 4: "I'm sorry, but you know I will always be loyal and always have. Been. But now. You know. I.. Will die no...baly.....Farewell... My old...... Friends......."
Squad Leader: "You'll always be my friend. Goodbye."
*Viper 4 let out a scream of agony as he was killed, and static filled the radio on his end*
Viper 1: "Viper 2 is dead. I got out as soon as I saw him dead. We must abort mission sir."
Squad Leader: "Yes... We must. All remaining units gather at our starting point, immediately. Viper 3 can you tell me about the Dimensional Doors?"
Squad Leader: "Viper 3, come in. Do you read me? I repeat do you read me?"
Viper-Flyer C: "No. I don't. I'm already dead. This is a recorded message for you. The Dimensional Doors in this area have made a linkway which is a triangularly shaped array of Dimensional Doors which cause a paradox therefore making an invisible Dimensional gateway for massive things to get in and out of the Dimensional Doors. Fortunately you must make sure objects align precisely with the doors. Unfortunately Vissers are going to build a forth door soon, and I'm surrounded. Farewell my friends. And goodbye."
*Static filled the radio as the message ended*
Speeder-1: "Viper 7 has been destroyed I'm forced to retreat back to you sir!"
Viper 1: "I'm retreating back to you too sir! The 'Vissers'are getting too close."
Squad Leader: "Okay We need an alternate route."
Speeder-1: "Okay, let's go to the southeast corner and exit through the old mines."
Squad Leader: "Sounds like a plan, Viper 1, and Speeder-1 go now. I'll bring up the rear incase they get too close."
Speeder-1: "I'll be waiting at the exit for ya."
Viper 1: "Same here."
Minutes Later... When Speeder-1, and Viper 1 reached the exit...
*A Vissar Beam landed right behind the Squad Leader*
Squad Leader: "Aggrh!"
Speeder-1: "Sir! Are you okay???"
Squad Leader: "Yes, I'm fine." *The Squad Leader gritted his teeth in pain*
Speeder-1: "OK. But um... Maybe you should look behind you?"
Squad Leader: "Why?"
Speeder-1: "Because there's a Cube of Death right behind you."
Squad Leader: "Yeah right... *****! You were right!"
Speeder-1: "So you didn't believe me because I was too kind?"
Squad Leader: "Well... I guess a little..."
Speeder-1: "Well, I think we've learned something today haven't we?"
Viper 1: "You betcha! We've learned to abort mission at the sight of multiple D-Doors and cashed Dropships! Yay!"
Speeder-1: "Umm... Not exactly that Viper-1."
Squad Leader: "Yeah. I think everyone else can agree. But can one of you guys get this thing away from me!"
Speeder-1: "Oh. Yeah, that. We're on our way!"
Viper-1: "I'll attack the corners, Speeder-1 will attack the thing's sides."
Speeder-1: "Oh Great, better chances of death for me."
Viper 1: "Oops! I'm inside the thing now. And Now I can blow it into a zillion tinypieces!"
Squad Leader: "What!?!?!?!? You brought explosives!?!?!?"
Viper-1: "Yep goodbye now. I'll see you soon. Just stay clear of the thing and take cover!"
Squad Leader: "I understand. Farewell."
Viper-1: "I'm glad you do. Tell my family on Skitszern, I love them."
Squad Leader: "We will. We will..."
*The Squad Leader & Speeder-1 took cover*
*The thing exploded into millions of pieces and the remainder of the investigation squad left*