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*FUN FACT: Caterise does have Aurora Borealis; except the Caters call them Aurora Dawns, popular belief is that it was first named by the semi-famous explorer Aurora Dawnstar, hence the name itreceived.

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FanFic Credits:
Myself. ;D
132 Yrs before A.D.Resourcesacrossthe Cater Homeworld become scarce.
76 Yrs before A.D.Project: "Endeavor" begins.
The world looks for sources of clean energy, but comes up with no viable solutions due to costs.

(a.k.a. The Arrival of Night)
The failure of Project: "Endeavor" combined with the lack of resources to finish it results in a desperate lastmeasureto use the incomplete device in battle.

It proves very effective in the first two battles but suffers a massive failure in the third--resulting in the obliteration of a 17 mile-wide area and 7% of the planet's atmosphere being destroyed.
3 Yrs after A.D.The leader of the Valadius Corporation dies and his chosen successor (Janis Kastair) takes charge.

7 Yrs after A.D.
Janis Kastair authorizes the launch of a Nuclear Program at the request of hisadvisers.
A year later they announce they have tested their first Nuclear Missile on an underground bunker.
9-16 Yrs after A.D.The Cater Homeworld becomes locked in a Cold War, Liberty v.s. Autocracy.
The Valadius CorporationremainsAutocratic, along with 95 others.
The Fernexus Corporation becomes a Republic, along with 37 others.
526 (smaller) Remaining Corporations attempt to remain neutral but many are conquered by neighboring Autocratic or Republic Corporations.
What remaining Neutral Corporations exist band together to form a Defensive Alliance--pooling their resources and deciding which members to aid.
29 Yrs after A.D.
46 Yrs after A.D.
63 Yrs after A.D.

Verigan Storm is born.
Team Ragnarok is born.
Old man dies by beef.
Cpt. One: Crotchvale (Completed!)
Cpt. Two: Team Agnamok (Next up!) Notreally
Cpt. Three: Jokes on you
Cpt. Four: Fill it...
Cpt. Five: ...To the Brimstone
Cpt. Six: The Consortium of Consorts
Cpt. Seven: A Bad Hay for Horse Puns
Cpt. Eight: The Pubescent Vulture
Cpt. Nine: Dancing Under the Influence
Cpt. Ten: The Division of Extreme Infatuation
Cpt. Eleven: Zanta Clawz
Cpt. Twelve: The Friendzone Express is...
Cpt. Thirteen: ...Headed Straight for Your Bedroom
Epilogue: The Epilogue Sucks Too
Pronunciation of Cater/Katnov Words:
Omnv = Om-niv
Kainiv = Kai-ni-v
Cater = K-at-er
Cateron = K-ate-tron
Katnov = K-at-no-v
FI'Stor= Fe-stor
Millan = Mill-on
Meon = Me-un
Alicator = Al-ic-at-er (Meaning: A Cater with all other attributes and abilities combined)
Omnireplicator = Om-ni-rep-lik-ate-or (Meaning: A complex replicator of many parts)
'Magic' = M-ah-gi-k (Meaning: Anything that doesn't follow the normal laws of the universe)
'Magician' = M-a-gish-an (Meaning: One that can control 'Magical' Essence)
Concord = K-on-k-or-d (Meaning: Agreement or harmony between many)
Cater Prefixes:
Sol-/Heli- = Sun
Fira- = Powerful
Con- = Together, United, Uniform
Dis- = Anarchic, Apart, Without Form
Ali/Omni- = Everything, many parts, complex, multiple parts, combination of all
Xeno- = Others, alien
Bio- = Life
Rina- = Time
Dema- = Corrupt, Menacing, Evil
Cater Suffixes:
-mena = Menacing, dark, evil
-astair = Celestial
-ton = To much degree
Cater Names w/ Meanings:(For those of us who like to know more of the 'Unknown')
Dawnstar = Silver
Meon(icora) = Morning
Kastair(Kastaran) = Star
Moonlight = Twilight
Aurora = Empress
Hope = Cadence
Verigan = Witty, Clever
Shadow = Spark
Sevaris = Lining
Kryshadow = Shockwave
Echotide = Specter